When The BBC First Met Grand Theft Auto

When The BBC First Met Grand Theft Auto

Almost 25 years ago, a small studio in London was working on what would become one of the largest gaming franchises in the world: Grand Theft Auto. The BBC toured Rockstar games around the time of the game’s development, and that footage has since resurfaced online.

The six minute-long interview showcases some alpha footage of GTA 1 and some of behind-the-scenes development, like the motion capture process, what the Rockstar London offices were like at the time, legions of CRT monitors, large maps of what the city would be like, and more.

What are your memories of the original GTA?


  • My memories of the original GTA? Cops attempting to jump out of their still-moving car to chase me down.

    “FREEZE!” *crunch*

    Good times.

  • My favourite memory is the little bonus missions or whatever where you got in a van then had unlimited remote control bomb cars and had to blow up as many passing vehicles as possible.

    Also being able to just steal cars, take them to the docks and get money based off how good the car was and what condition. Has that been a thing in any more recent GTA’s?

    • In GTA online you can sell cars at the customisation/respray shops, though you’re limited to something like one per hour. I can’t remember if you can do it in single player though.

      GTA3 had a wrecker of some sort too, but I’m not sure about Vice City/San Andreas/GTA4.

      • Well if GTA online has that maybe GTA5 itself did. Ill have to check.
        Yeah i dont think San andreas did, i played a couple hundred hours of that and never saw one.

  • That one mission with the big tanker that couldn’t take too much damage or it would explode. Very nerve wracking!

  • How incredibly awkward tank controls were and the solid forward spray of bullets.

    That and El Burro’s whole ‘This is why they call me The Donkey’ spiel. Yep. Totally a reason to skip the city.

  • I remember wanting a PS1 so bad to play this game, I had a megadrive and was playing a street level on micro machines over and over as it was the closest thing I had until I got the PS1 at Christmas!

  • I remember when i first played GTAIII i didnt even do any missions, I didnt even understand that there were missions. I just drove around on the first island causing chaos.

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