Among Us Devs Aren’t Feeling Fortnite’s New ‘Impostors’ Mode

Among Us Devs Aren’t Feeling Fortnite’s New ‘Impostors’ Mode
Screenshot: Epic Games

Epic Games added a new game mode to Fortnite today that sounds suspiciously like indie hit Among Us, right down to the terminology used for its antagonists.

“Impostors” pits a maximum of 10 Fortnite players against one another as they attempt to figure out who among them are out to sabotage the rest of the group. Normal competitors, known as Agents, work to complete a series of tasks across a large map, while the titular Imposters do whatever they can to hinder the group’s progress, up to and including killing other players.

But Agents aren’t without their own set of tools. Periodically, they’ll be able to vote out players they believe to be Impostors, adding a layer of social engineering to the process. Complete all your assignments or eject the two Impostors, and you win.

Of course, Among Us wasn’t the first game of its kind. It’s basically a reworked version of the party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf). That said, some have rightfully argued that Epic Games wouldn’t have been interested in adding such a mode to Fortnite without Among Us’ breakout popularity over the last couple of years. And the folks at Among Us developer Innersloth seem to agree.

“It would’ve been really, really cool to collab,” wrote Innersloth community director Victoria Tran shortly after the Fortnite reveal went live. “Like game mechanics, fine, those shouldn’t be gatekept, but at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting?”

Adriel Wallick, lead Unity programmer at Innersloth, also didn’t mention Fortnite by name, but shared a comic about the art theft that often occurs online.

“Everything in the world was already feeling insurmountable, so this was just another fun reminder of how tiny we all really are,” Wallick added in a follow-up tweet.

Fortnite has long been criticised for its crass amalgamation of popular culture, which in the past often materialised in the lifting of dance moves without crediting their original creators. Epic Games’ continued legal battle against Apple, which CEO Tim Sweeney has both likened to the fight for civil rights and described as a fight for the “basic freedoms of all […] developers,” only makes the new Fortnite mode’s similarity to Among Us that much more ironic.


  • EPIC stealing someone else’s idea, copying it and tacking it onto their own game? Gee i’m sure they would never do that……
    Well at least this time it wasn’t a business partner.

    But EPIC games will still try to make themselves look like the white knights of the gaming industry, here to save us from the evil dark knights of Apple and Valve lol

  • Not big on creative originality are they.

    Pretty much raided the idea from PUBG, steal emotes from everybody including 14 year old influencers, and then add in content that is hot from there games.

  • Really feel for the Among Us devs. There was no reason (beyond Epic’s greed) that this couldn’t have been an official collaboration that brought benefit to both parties.

    Epic are not, and pretty much never are, the good guys. Even when they happen to land on the side of good, it’s exclusively out of self-interest and nothing beyond. Altruism is nothing but a cloak they sometimes wear.

    • I imagine the rational is that if they recognise Among Us in any official capacity then they have to admit their new game mode is a collaboration and then negotiate for it’s ongoing use. Last thing they want is co-ownership of a game mode.

  • Technically Werewolf is just a reskin of Mafia, among the many, many Mafia skins.

    Long before it was commercialised and sold as a card game, I played some SMT themed Mafia in the old Aeria forums in an official game they had running. Who were the hidden Gaians?

  • One of the main reasons it’s pretty much a direct copy is so ever streamer, tuber and influencer can pretty much title their videos…”Fortnite added Amongus”

    And all the algorithms will lock on it and promote them.

    If they changed the format, then it won’t be clickbait.

  • I don’t want to defend Epic because they’re obviously going out of their way to cut Among Us devs out the loop even though they’re happy to license any IP, but at the same time we need to ditch the idea that basic ideas like this belong to individual games. That mentality is why we’re only just getting another Left 4 Dead. It’s why we’re waiting on EA for so many projects that are never going to happen. It kept rhythm games stagnant. People still struggle to justify using elements from Arkham Asylum even though the combat is magic.

    As much as I don’t want the big guys swooping in on every good idea Among Us is ‘what if Space Station 13 was made in Flash’. It’s more or less a genre of party game. Anything that plays socially should have an Impostor Mode the same way when a shooter invents a new multiplayer mode every other shooter learns from it and absorbs it.

  • It’s hardly a new concept, Jesus had to find an imposter among his disciples.

    But Fortnite licences a heap of stuff, they should have tried to do an official collab given how clearly this mode is a rip off

  • I agree with Dazzler, a collab wouldn’t have been too hard to do, could have had a lot of fun with it.

    That said, unsurprisingly, the new mode is a lot of fun.

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