Awesome Metroid Prime 2D Fan Project Gets Nintendo’d

Awesome Metroid Prime 2D Fan Project Gets Nintendo’d
It's not really that surprising, Samus. (Screenshot: Team SCU)

Back in April a group of incredibly talented independent developers calling themselves Team SCU released an impressive demo for Prime 2D, a side-scrolling remake of 2002’s first-person Metroid Prime. The ambitious project had been in planning for over 15 years. Nintendo’s lawyers put an end to it in four months.

Nintendo is known for fiercely protecting its properties from fans who want to transform their passion for games like Metroid Prime into something beautiful and unique for the whole community to enjoy for free, so the shutting down of Prime 2D comes as no surprise. The clock started ticking as soon as Team SCU released the demo in early April. Despite the project using completely original assets and music, it was undoubtedly a Metroid fan game, and Nintendo lawyers hate those. Remember the fan remake of Metroid II that Nintendo shut down a day after it went live?

Team SCU has taken down its demo for Prime 2D as well as the soundtrack. The project website simply states “legal reasons.” A post from the project’s Discord has been posted as an image to Reddit (via NintendoLife).

Hello, dedicated fans.

This is the announcement you have been dreading. We have been asked by a certain games-related company to discontinue work on Prime 2D in its current form. We have removed the demo download and soundtrack MP3 download, and we are currently in dialogue with that company to determine how best to proceed for both parties.

The message continues, saying that while the team knows many will be disappointed by the news and would have preferred they stay silent until the game was finished, they feel the decision to release the demo when they did was the right one.

While Prime 2D may be gone, its legacy lives on in the videos and stories that came out of its release.

Or at least they will until Nintendo takes them down. Maybe save yourself a backup or two, just in case.


  • I really don’t understand all these fan run Metroid projects. These people clearly have talent and time. Why pour it all into something that’s going to get shut down as soon as it’s shared publicly? Are they thinking “Well, maybe this is the one Nintendo will be ok with?”

    • Nothing wrong with making a fan game. But at the same time their idiots for telling everyone about it and releasing the demo. Especially after what happened to AM2R.

      They should said nothing about it, finished it and released it. THEN tell everyone about it like AM2R did. Now it’ll never be finished.

  • I thought modders would have learned by now, especially for huge projects, don’t publicize until you are actually finished -_-

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