Battlefield 2042 Cheats Advertised Months Before Release

Battlefield 2042 Cheats Advertised Months Before Release

Officially announced on June 9 and slated for release on October 22, Battlefield 2042 left a very narrow window for the international cheat machine to spring into action, but spring they have with at least one website already advertising aimbots and ESP-style player location sensing to ruin Dice’s upcoming 128-player shootfest.

Personally, I like to play a video game before I determine I’m so bad I would require hacks and cheats to progress. But if you’ve already given up on Battlefield 2042, there are options. You want aimbots? They got aimbots. You want to know where every player on a map is located at all times? The cheat makers got your back. Just head over to iWantCheats (via Charlie Intel), which we won’t link because we don’t want cheats, for a full array of services, including step-by-step instructions on how their magical aimbot works.

You’ll have to purchase the cheat, start it, then start the game before setting up the aimbot, which is meant to work with any keyboard key or mouse. Once in a meath, enemies can be seen “with our advanced ESP.” Pressing the assigned aimbot key will lock onto the enemy, allowing you to press fire and eliminating your foe instantly. Even from the other side of the map!

Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to completely ruin a game for yourself and everyone else playing? They’ve even got extra features like an item radar, which tells you where items are on the map. No more blindly searching for ammo for your magical anywhere-on-the-map rifle.

Note that these cheats are PC only, but they do offer instructions on how to use third-party hardware to enable console aimbots, similar to the “invisible” Call of Duty console cheats. So you can ruin the game for everyone else regardless of platform.

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How are these bastards so fast? The service in question has been making cheats for Battlefield games since Battlefield 2142 back in 2006, so they know the engine and know about what to expect. Doubtless there is some speculation at work here, but they’ve got 15 years of experience backing them up.

The subscription page for Battlefield 2042 isn’t live yet, so we don’t know how much the service cost. A month’s access to Battlefield V cheats costs $US30 ($42), so expect something similar. That, or save your money and play like a normal person, cursing at those using aimbots from afar.

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