Where To Get Custom Plates And Skins For Your PlayStation 5 In Australia

Where To Get Custom Plates And Skins For Your PlayStation 5 In Australia
Image: The Plate Station
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Custom PlayStation 5 faceplates and skins have been a contentious issue for Sony to date. While the company isn’t currently producing any, it has taken umbrage with sellers who’ve chosen to create their own. While it’s hard to deny a black PlayStation 5 looks flash, it appears Sony would prefer owners not to play around with their console’s default white colour. But rules are made to be broken — and custom PS5 plates are in this year.

Currently there are few sellers, but comb through online marketplaces like Etsy and speciality retailers and you’ll find a whole bunch of awesome-looking accessories.

Here are a few places you can purchase PlayStation 5 skins and face plates in Australia.


ps5 skins plates australia
Image: LuxSkinsOfficial

Etsy has a fantastic range of skins available from local and international sellers.

Here, you’ve got retro options, arty options and even skins with pretty pink clouds. There’s PS2 skinsGod of War skins, pastel skins, and everything in between. The best part is skins on Etsy are relatively affordable, and bounce between the $25-40 mark, plus shipping.

By purchasing from Etsy, you’ll also be supporting individual creators from around the world.


Amazon has a surprising array of custom PlayStation 5 plates available from various sellers, including some fetching blue and red options. The price for the plates varies by store but most are within the $50-70 range and many come with free shipping, which is vastly more affordable than other shops online.

Alongside console accessories, you can also find custom controller skins and plates for around $30 on Amazon. They’re the perfect way to jazz up your gaming.

Customize My Plates

Customize My Plates is a U.S. retailer selling various coloured plates and skins for the PS5 at a premium. You’ll need to fork out around $75 for a plate set, as well as pay for international shipping, so you’re looking at around $100 to customise your PlayStation 5 on the shop. That’s a hefty sum but the options here are shiny, beautiful and well worth considering.

The gold option looks particularly fetching.

It’s important to note Customize My Plates is the company Sony issued a legal complaint to but it does appear they’re still selling plates — so keep an eye out if the situation with this website changes.


sony playstation 5 plates
Image: dbrand

Like Customize My Plates, dbrand is also selling PlayStation 5 face plates in the face of legal threats. Its website is actually a bit racy, and dares Sony to come after it. For now its range of plates are still live, so hopefully they’ve escaped scrutiny.

You’ll need to fork out $66 plus international shipping for the dbrand plate range (which only includes black for now), but it’s marginally cheaper than Customize My Plates and looks super snazzy.


trezn custom ps5 plates
Image: Trezn

Trezn is a U.S. retailer focusing on unique custom PlayStation 5 skins with slick designs and artwork. Unlike others on this list, the store doesn’t appear to sell plates, but the quality and look of these skins is to die for. Sadly, they’ll also break the bank.

The store has a limited range and skins are around $80 plus shipping, but the resulting look here is phenomenal.

It would be a luxury purchase sure, but a worthy one.


ozplay controllers
Image: OzPlay

Aussie retailer OzPlay isn’t selling PlayStation 5 console plates, but you can pick up a snazzy controller sleeve in an array of colours here. If you’re tired of playing with a black-and-white DualSense, these splashy colours could brighten up your gaming life. The baby pink is particularly cute, and the best part is these covers just snap on and off.

Each controller plate costs $25 plus local shipping, so you won’t need to break the bank to add some flair.

TAG Mods

TAG Mods is a local Aussie customiser doing incredible work creating custom controllers, consoles and PCs. They recently worked with Xbox to celebrate the Sea of Thieves anniversary with a bunch of stunning gold controllers, and their entire portfolio is well worth a look.

You can check out their catalogue and talent via Twitter or Instagram, but note they’re in hot demand.

Failing all these options, you can also do something bold and uncouth, too.

Customise your own PlayStation 5

custom face plates
Image: LetsGoDigital | Giuseppe Spinelli

The PlayStation 5 is an expensive machine, and beginners should probably exercise caution before DIY-ing it themselves — but if you’re an arty type, there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with your console.

If you have a Cricut smart cutter you could print off some custom vinyl stickers for the outside. If you have access to epoxy resins, you could create a symbol to stick on like the Spider-Man logo above.

Heck, even textas can create a beautiful work of art on any console:

Acrylic paint also works great on the PlayStation 5, or you could even get fancy with some oil paints.

The DIY process won’t be for everyone, but there’s no harm in having a go if you’re looking to make a statement with your console.

Check out Callum Warren’s guide for custom-painting your PS5 for more tips and inspiration:

If you’re unhappy with your boring white PlayStation 5 console, there’s plenty of options for changing it up.

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