Dead By Daylight Patch Fixes Pyramid Head’s Arse

Dead By Daylight Patch Fixes Pyramid Head’s Arse
Screenshot: Behaviour Interactive

The latest update to multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight fixed a lot of bugs, but the most important change has to do with Pyramid Head and his luscious booty.

Dead by Daylight introduced its Silent Hill crossover last winter, featuring Silent Hill 3 protagonist Heather Mason and enduring franchise icon Pyramid Head as playable characters. Almost immediately, fans latched onto what appeared to be a sizeable upgrade to the helmeted monster’s butt, which in this day and age was enough to send social media into a thirsty spiral.

When Pyramid Head was finally added to Dead by Daylight, however, players weren’t impressed. “Where’s the arse from the promotional shots?” they asked. Demand for a more bootylicious Pyramid Head got so loud that developer Behaviour Interactive actually addressed the community’s concerns, telling Polygon in June 2020 that it had made no changes to the killer’s rear end.

Although there were still arse-truthers out there, this seemed to placate fans for a while. That is, until yesterday’s patch notes. Included among the long list of changes applied in the most recent update was a bug fix destined to set the Dead by Daylight player base on fire: “Fixed an issue that caused The Executioner’s rear to be too flat.”

(The Executioner, for those out of the loop, is Dead by Daylight’s name for Pyramid Head.)

This single line caught many off guard. Were the developers finally admitting that something happened to Pyramid Head’s butt? Well, yes and no.

“I stand by my statement: Pyramid Head’s behind was never nerfed,” Behaviour Interactive’s Marie Claude Bernard told Kotaku via email. “That said, we recently found a bug on The Corrupted outfit. The cloth covering The Executioner had clipping issues which made his butt, well, completely flat. We fixed it and it will be pushed live in our next update on Tuesday.”

So there you have it. In certain situations, Pyramid Head’s butt may have appeared to be less juicy than intended.

Of course, Behaviour Interactive also knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An entry in the Known Issues section of the patch notes reads “The Executioner’s rear may still be too flat,” a tacit acknowledgement of the reality that you’re never going to please everyone. In any case, here’s hoping this bug fix is enough to finally put this arse to bed.

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