Embracer Group Buys Seven Studios, Including Duke Nukem’s 3D Realms

Embracer Group Buys Seven Studios, Including Duke Nukem’s 3D Realms
Image: 3D Realms

The Embracer Group, an enormous corporate blob encompassing publishers like Gearbox, THQ Nordic and Deep Silver, has just bought seven new studios, including 3D Realms (Duke Nukem) and Ghost Ship Games (Deep Rock Galactic).

Also purchased are Graven’s Slipgate Ironworks, VR studio Force Field, Huntdown’s Easy Trigger, Digixart and mobile studio Crazy Labs. While in a purchasing mood, Embracer also bought “merchandise company Grimfrost” who have a “focus on viking merchandise”.

The purchases rounded up to around $US315 ($427) million in US dollars, and are Embracer’s first big splash of case since…February of this year, when they spent a ton on Borderlands publishers Gearbox. The series picked up today, like Duke Nukem, join loads of other properties that Embracer now owns like Saints Row, Dead Island, TimeSplitters, Metro and all of Gearbox’s series.

Six of the seven new studios are being handed off to one of Embracer’s existing larger entities; 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks now belong to Saber Interactive, Force Field and Digixart to Koch, Ghost Ship Games and Easy Trigger to Coffee Stain.


  • Wait, wait wait wait. The 3D Realms of today is 3D Realms in name only. They’re the Ion Fury devs. Nobody there worked on Duke Nukem and I was under the impression the IP was held by Gearbox, not 3D Realms.

    Can someone fill me in if I’ve gotten this wrong?

    • While Gearbox currently (unfortunately) own the Duke Nukem IP, 3D Realms are most known for Duke Nukem 3D, even if most of not all the staff have left since those days.

      I know you know all this but it is to say, no, you are correct, Plunkett is just talking about the historical connection.

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