Fuck Me, Black Myth: Wukong Looks Even Better Now

Fuck Me, Black Myth: Wukong Looks Even Better Now

I don’t know what’s in the water over at Game Science, but hot damn it’s doing some wonders for Black Myth: Wukong.

After some rumours online, the official Nvidia channel has just dropped 12 minutes of fresh Black Myth: Wukong gameplay. It’s designed to advertise Wukong’s ray-tracing and DLSS credentials, which makes sense. But the real joy of it all is that we get to see a massive chunk of Black Myth: Wukong that hasn’t been shown before, including new environments.

A neat update from the Nvidia blog post is that Wukong has been upgraded to Unreal Engine 5, having originally been teased on Unreal Engine 4. And you can tell how much work has gone into the game already. The clarity in motion and the sharpness of everything in the latest footage is really on point.

Even the transitions are “fuck me” levels of good. Take this moment from the first minute:


And you can just collectively hear the jaws of a thousand developers drop seeing this in a major boss fight.


Even the way the pole gently bends back and forth is pleasing on the eye there.

In a day where things are getting increasingly upsetting for Australians, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see Wukong doing so well. There’s still no official release date, but honestly I’m sure any publisher in the world would back me up on this: Game Science can take as long as they want.

If you want to know more about Black Myth Wukong, IGN China has probably the most extensive (and only) interview in English here. It’s a great read, although I imagine things have changed markedly over the last 12 months. If you know the studio or work there yourself, I’d love to chat at any time.

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