Hungry Jack’s Outlaw Big Jack: The Burger Designed Specifically For Aussies

Hungry Jack’s Outlaw Big Jack: The Burger Designed Specifically For Aussies
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Feeling hungry? We have some news that probably won’t help with that. Hungry Jack’s has announced it’s got a fresh new burger joining its menu (for a short while) and it’s been designed specifically for Aussie customers.

The Outlaw Big Jack is the newest addition to the Hungry Jack’s family, and its biggest selling point, it appears, is that it has a fresh, Aussie-focused take on flavour. Specifically speaking, the sauce has been tailored to Australian tastes, especially.

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According to a statement released by Hungry Jack’s, the new burger doesn’t have any special sauce. Instead, it showcases a new creamy peppercorn and BBQ sauce. The decision came off the back of the wants of Hungry Jack’s customers, the chain has stated.

“The launch of Big Jack sparked huge interest and our customers have been asking ‘what next?’ for the popular burger, so we have responded with the Outlaw Big Jack”, said Hungry Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Baird on the new release.

“We asked our customers ‘what’s better than special sauce?’ And the response is as Aussie it gets. We’ve swapped out the special sauce to make it even better-tasting by adding creamy peppercorn and BBQ sauces with grilled bacon”

How can I try Hungry Jack’s Outlaw Big Jack burger?

If you’re keen to get your hands on the new burger, Hungry Jack’s has shared you can find the Outlaw Big Jack on restaurant menus as of Tuesday, August 3 for a limited time. The burger is available to pick up in-store, collect at drive-thru or order online for delivery on the Hungry Jack’s App or through Menulog, Uber Eats and Deliveroo (looking at you, lockdown buddies).

If you get a chance, let us know what you think of the new burger in the comments below.


  • I really enjoyed the Whopper that had the peppercorn sauce.
    I feel like I would love this.
    Or buy the Creamy Peppercorn finishing sauce satchel and make burgers at home.

    • big jack is a fail compared to maccas big mac. maybe its my local, but bankstown hj’s really suck at making a bacon deluxe, the only burger worth buying from them. dont expect them to do any better on anything else.

      • I can’t stand Big Macs… Though I think that could change if they stopped putting SO much fucking sauce on them.

        I dunno if I’ve just had shit luck anytime I’ve had them, but in my experience it is easily the worst burger for it from a fast food chain.

        • funny you should say that. maccas were doing their $2/$3 big mac deal which i took advantage of yesterday. first one was ready within seconds of placing the order, perfect amount of sauce. second one took about 5 minutes, 3x too much sauce and no lettuce to speak of. i dont understand how quality control goes out the window so easily when the staff have a basic formula to follow that they do every minute of their shift.

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