Here’s What We Know About Apple’s iPhone 13

Here’s What We Know About Apple’s iPhone 13
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Each year brings a new iPhone model into our hands and 2021 is expected to be no different. We won’t hear more about the new device until later in the year when Apple chooses to announce it but here is what we know about the iPhone 13, based on leaks and rumours so far.

Everything we know about the iPhone 13

iPhone 13: Range and name

To start off with, there’s no confirmation that this year’s iPhone will follow the numerical system and continue onto 13. Apple has broken tradition in the past, like when it jumped from the iPhone 8 to X, so who knows if they’ll do the same in 2021.

Rumours suggest that there will be four new models in the iPhone 13 range, just like in 2020. They’re expected to come in 5.4-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.7-inch sizes with two of them being a ‘Pro’ model.

iPhone 13: Design and appearance

We haven’t gotten a good look at the 2021 iPhones just yet but here’s what the rumours tell us.

According to EverythingApplePro, the entire 2021 iPhone range will see a shrink in the notch at the top of the handset by about 20%. This is apparently due to a reduction in the size of the FaceID sensor.

While the size and physical design of the iPhone 13 are expected to be similar to the iPhone 12, the new range may be getting a screen upgrade. Korean tech outlet The Elec reports that some of the new iPhones will feature 120Hz and all of them will feature OLED screens.

Macotakara reckons the iPhone 13 will be similar to the 12 with flat edges but will be slightly thicker at 0.26mm.

When it comes to colours for the new iPhone, MacRumors reports that there will be a matte black option for the Pro and Pro Max models. It’s also said to come with a new stainless steel coating that will reduce smudges and fingerprints.

iPhone 13: Camera

There haven’t been many prominent leaks about the iPhone 13 camera just yet. In fact, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said there won’t be any significant differences between the two generations at all.

Some small tidbits from various rumours report that the new iPhone camera will be capable of portrait video and astrophotography modes. It’s also possible that LiDAR will be supported on all the new iPhone cameras – whereas it’s only currently available on the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 13: Storage, battery and features

When it comes to the iPhone 13’s specs, not a whole lot is known right now.

It would make sense for the new iPhone range to use Apple’s latest A15 bionic chip which should increase its processing power. This seems likely as it was recently reported Apple has ordered 100 million chips from the manufacturer, likely for its new phones.

In terms of storage, you can probably expect there to be an assortment of 64Gb, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models on offer. However, Apple leaker Jon Prosser says there may also be a huge 1TB model in the 2021 range of iPhones.

Battery life is of course very important to Apple users so you’ll be glad to know the new iPhone is expected to have a larger battery. Ming-Chi Kuo has said this will be possible due to the smaller sizes of other components in the phones which leave room for a bigger battery.

Adding to the bigger battery rumour, Max Weinbach suggest a larger battery coil within the upcoming iPhone will make it capable of new things like reverse wireless charging. This would allow users to charge other wireless devices (like AirPods) straight from their iPhones.

Speaking of charging, what cable will the iPhone 13 use? Will it stick with the old faithful lightning cable or transition to USB-C with most of the other Apple products nowadays?

Some rumours suggested that the new iPhone range wouldn’t come with a charging port at all and would instead make a move to complete wireless charging. However, Ming-Chi Kuo later said the 2021 iPhone’s would still have a lightning charging port. Time will tell.

It has been suggested that the next iPhone will support faster charging speeds thanks to a new 25W power adapter. The iPhone 12 currently only supports 20W charging but apparently, a new update will change all that.

A reminder that Apple stopped providing a power adapter in the box with the iPhone 12 series and it’s expected this will continue into the future. So if you want a fancy new fast charging adapter you’ll probably need to fork out for one yourself when Apple releases it.

In terms of features, Bloomberg has indicated the new iPhones will receive an Always-On display. This is already a feature of the Apple Watch and would allow some information (like the time) to be displayed on-screen even when it’s locked and switched off.

iPhone 13: Price

There’s no indication of how much the new iPhone range will cost at this stage but here’s how the previous iPhone 12 models were priced at launch.

  • iPhone 12 Mini: starts at $1,199
  • iPhone 12: starts at $1,349
  • iPhone 12 Pro: starts at $1,699
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: starts at $1,849

iPhone 13: Release date

The release date for the new iPhone is anyone’s guess. Typically Apple would hold an iPhone launch event in September but COVID-19 has shaken things up.

In 2020, the iPhone 12 announcement was pushed to November so given this delay, it could’ve also pushed things back for 2021.

There’s also the global chip shortage to consider which could result in a slower rollout of units. Apple’s CFO recently confirmed in a quarterly earnings report that the company expected supply constraints to be even tighter in the September quarter, particularly for iPhones and iPads.

So, while you can expect the iPhone 13 to be announced in the back quarter of the year, getting your hands on one will be another story.

Keep an eye on this post because we’ll be updating it with more information about the iPhone 13 as it gets announced.

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