It’s Like A Nintendo Direct, But For 3D Platformers

It’s Like A Nintendo Direct, But For 3D Platformers

I love a good 3D platformer, but they aren’t as common as they were back in the ‘90s and 2000s. However, indie developers are here to save the day for folks craving colourful and fun jumping simulators. Hubworld is an indie-focused digital event happening later this month that is entirely dedicated to showcasing new, upcoming platformers.

What Is Hubworld?

Hubworld is described as a “3D platforming direct” which is a reference to the popular “Direct” events Nintendo holds every few months. As in those, this more indie-focused showcase will show off a bunch of upcoming games, this time around half a dozen 3D-style platformers hailing from various smaller studios.

This isn’t the first time smaller developers and fans have used the Nintendo Direct playbook for their own independent events. Back in June, mega fans of Nintendo’s cultish RPG series EarthBound got together and held a “Mother Direct.” Before that, there was the popular Wholesome Games Direct, which featured over 50 colourful, cute, and non-violent games. Nintendo’s Direct presentations have proven incredibly successful, so no wonder other groups want to hold their own. Even massive competitors have taken the hint, such as Sony with its State of Play videos.

What Games Will Be Featured?

For the past few weeks, the Hubworld Twitter account has been sharing videos of some of the games that will appear. According to a tweet posted on July 23, this is the full list of games that will be featured in the video showcase, along with links to each developer’s Twitter.

Frogun @molegato

Hell Pie @SluggerflyDev

Demon Turf @Fabrazz

Billie Bust Up @BillieBustUp

Rad Venture @Rad_Venture

Peeb Adventures @FeverDevJohnny

When And Where Can I Watch Hubworld?

Hubworld is scheduled to air on August 29, which is a Sunday. There is currently no specific start time, though Hubworld’s organisers promise one is coming soon. In the meantime, you can bookmark or subscribe to the event’s YouTube or Twitch channels. You can also follow Hubworld’s official Twitter account to see more info about upcoming games and to stay in the loop as the event gets closer.

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