Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sold ‘Well Above’ EA’s Expectations

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sold ‘Well Above’ EA’s Expectations
Image: EA

Years on from infamous comments about singleplayer being dead and defending a lack of singleplayer campaigns in Star Wars: Battlefront, EA now has some good news for investors: Mass Effect Legendary Edition smashed EA’s projections.

The comments were made as part of EA’s investor call this morning, which was pretty was almost universally positive on all fronts. Just about everything was firing for the conglomerate in the quarter. Their new racing franchise in F1 2021, courtesy of the Codemasters acquisition, is doing well. Battlefield 2042 trailers were viewed over 210 million times, a clear indication of how 2042 has been received in comparison to Battlefield V.

But a neater story underneath all of that was the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remaster that was in the rumour stage for at least two years before it was officially announced. That anticipation was always going to translate into sales — especially given how Mass Effect Andromeda turned out — but obviously, EA didn’t factor in just how much people wanted to bang Garrus again:

There is enduring power to the franchises and IP that we are building. The launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition – the remaster of the first three Mass Effect games – reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 was also a moment for new and returning players to jump into that amazing game. We are continuing to invest in both of these franchises, as well as more of our amazing IP.

Apex Legends is continuing to do well for EA, with the battle royale having generated $US2 billion in revenue for EA so far. That’s likely to soar once the mobile version finally launches, although the ninth season of Respawn’s shooter is doing just fine as is with 13 million active weekly players. It Takes Two also got a shoutout for outperforming expectations, meaning that one of the industry’s most lovably outspoken developers will probably continue to be his weird, wonderful self.

Investors also pressed EA for additional info on the Dead Space reboot and the publisher’s expectations. Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, said “there’s not a lot more I can share about that” and the game was “a little ways out”. “It was one of the most demanded titles, just after Skate, and the response was very positive that we’re back in development,” Wilson added.


  • I don’t give two hoots about the remaster, but finally being able to get the DLC at a reasonable price without monitoring EA’s website for a sale is wonderful and the reason why I would buy it even though I own Mass Effect 1 and 2 (on Steam) and 3 on EA.

  • As a consumer, their reports are a mixed bag of feelings. Their record profits and $2b off of Apex has generally come from scummy tactics and loot box gouging, but profits also mean investment in ongoing games for me to consume – hopefully ones I want to play.

    Also, while I am super happy that the Mass Effect Remaster went gangbusters, I am concerned they will take the wrong message from it – ie less new single-player IPs and focus on remaking old stuff that carries a huge amount of player nostalgia.

    • On its own, you might put the success of MELE down to nostalgia, but the success of SW: Fallen Order and a few others has hopefully shown them that there’s a lucrative market for single-person, not-as-a-service games. The signs are good; they have dropped the requirement for multiplayer content in the next Dragon Age and evidently regard Fallen Order as a franchise now. Maybe they’ll diversify their sales models.

      Also, I cannot tell a lie. Remasters of the Dragon Age games would be marvellous. And KOTOR, while we’re putting in requests.

  • Glad to see it succeeded. They really made some bad decisions with waiting so long to remaster popular single franchises and listening to a vocal minority on BF who wanted to go back to WW2 …

  • I’m glad that its done so well. I’ve spent the time since it released pretty much just playing it. The enhancements for 1 were good. 2 is a lot more enjoyable this time around, and 3 is still the best of the trilogy. Even more so now I’ve finally played the Citadel DLC.

    The trilogy is Bioware at its strongest, and while they may never get back the principles that put the magic in the bottle in the first place, hopefully they’ll take the lessons on what worked so well with the first trilogy and use them for the next installment. Instead of going back to what did not work with Andromeda or Anthem.

  • I think it kind of shows that they didn’t expect it to be as big a seller as it was. 1 was a great upgrade that managed to significantly improve the Mako and the shooting and cover systems of 1 without ruining the RPG elements and feel of the original and a solid visual overhaul with a new lighting system that for the most part looked great for my money, but then 2 and 3 were basically just a 4k texture pack.

    Nice to have I guess, but 2 still looks really weird, even more so now after the lighting in 1 was overhauled with way too much contrast, a pretty ugly colour palette and my god a tweak for the planet scanning nonsense would have been great. 3 is still the pretty fantastic compromise between action and RPG mechanics it always was and looks as good as it ever did, but only 1 was a really noticeable remaster and I have to imagine the team could have done more with 2 and 3 if they were given more time and budget.

    It was definitely still worth it for me for (almost) all the DLC and the really nice update for ME1, but as much as I think 1 was always the best of the series I feel 3 and especially 2 deserved a bit more work.

  • And I can’t wait to see them not even consider remastering the ME3 multiplayer despite talks about them looking into it if the Legendary Edition did well.

  • And when we’re all being cynical about Hollywood and the games industry for being risk averse and pumping out remake after remake… we will know why!

    (I’m just as guilty as everyone btw lol)

    • Though perhaps they could have gone a bit further back into the catalogue before hitting up mass effect…

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