Metal Gear Solid 2’s Iconic E3 Trailer, Upscaled To 4K By An AI

Metal Gear Solid 2’s Iconic E3 Trailer, Upscaled To 4K By An AI

At E3 2000, Metal Gear Solid 2 absolutely stole the show when its first real-time gameplay footage was shown running on the PlayStation 2.

It looked incredible at the time, but time marches ceaselessly on, and by 2021 standards it’s obviously not so incredible, with some of the technical tricks used at the time to get around the PS2’s limitations, like all that fog, now stopping us from enjoying its finer details.

Which is where AI upscaling comes in. Rather than have modders painstakingly go in and remake every texture in the game, Digital Foundry let some deep learning software loose on just the trailer, which looked at every single frame and figured, OK, that looks like a fuel tank, let’s clean it up and fill in the gaps and redo it at 4K resolution.

And it did a hell of a job! While not perfect (some things are too sharp, while others were never meant to be seen cleaned up), most scenes here greatly benefit from the application, with the trailer itself able to maintain its wet, heavy vibes while at the same time improving the overall fidelity (and it should be noted here, emulators have been doing a pretty good job of upscaling whole games for years, just not this well).

If this has got you in the mood for more Metal Gear Solid 2, there are way worse things you could do next than catch up on Heather’s excellent retrospective of the game from last year:

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