Modders Finally Add Wall-Running To Apex Legends

Modders Finally Add Wall-Running To Apex Legends

Know what the coolest thing about Titanfall was? Piloting spritely, giant robots. Know what the second coolest thing was? Being able to run along the walls. So it has long been very strange that Apex Legends, a game set in the same universe as Titanfall, has allowed you to do neither of those things.

Officially, anyway. Thanks to the work of modders, though, they can now practically fly across the maps, as you can see in this video posted by MokeySniper below:

Look at them go! Apex Legends is fine as it is, whatever, but if you could do this in it then hoo boy, it would be a blast. And don’t let anyone tell you this would “break the game” or be “completely unfair”, because while this kind of thing would obviously not be great on current maps, there’s nothing stopping you dreaming of a world where Apex Legends’ maps were designed with this ability in mind.

Sadly the footage captured above isn’t from something you can just download or start playing in; it was taken from a “modded version of Apex that is completely separate from the main game”, one without online lobbies, and even MokeySniper in posting the clip wouldn’t link to it because “since it’s not official or endorsed by EA and Respawn…there is an unknown risk of a potential ban”.

Thanks PC Gamer!

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