Oh No, Jeopardy!’s Other New Host Is Pretty Bad Too

Oh No, Jeopardy!’s Other New Host Is Pretty Bad Too
Mayim Bialik speaks onstage during the 70th Anniversary of Israel celebration in 2018. (Photo: Vivien Killilea, Getty Images)

Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist and sitcom actor, is the last remaining host of Jeopardy! following the high-profile departure of executive producer Mike Richards as the late, great Alex Trebek’s replacement. But where Richards was taken down by his skeevy treatment of women, Bialik is courting her own controversy thanks to the resurfacing of past comments she’s made about vaccinations and birth via Caesarean section.

Bialik, who’s been hired to host Jeopardy! spin-offs and specials as opposed to the main, syndicated gig Richards once held, has faced renewed scrutiny over past statements after officially joining the quiz show on August 11. As pointed out by Vanity Fair, the Big Bang Theory star previously discussed a reluctance to vaccinate her children in a 2012 parenting guide she wrote, titled Beyond the Sling.

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“We made an informed decision not to vaccinate our children, but this is a very personal decision that should be made only after sufficient research, which today is within reach of every parent who seeks to learn about their child’s health regardless of their medical knowledge or educational status,” Bialik wrote at the time.

Since then, Bialik has attempted to clarify her opinions on vaccinations, tweeting in 2015 that she had subsequently immunised her children and telling TheWrap earlier this month that she’s fully vaccinated against covid-19. A spokesperson also pushed back on the idea that Bialik is an “anti-vaxxer,” referring to the growing fringe movement that remains sceptical about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations even in the face of overwhelming evidence and a deadly, global pandemic.

But that’s far from the only past comment coming back to bite the new Jeopardy! host in the arse.

While providing context about the benefits of home births for a 2010 story on wellness website SELF, Bialik gave credence to the disgusting idea that babies who can’t survive a natural birth (as opposed to those delivered through a common surgical procedure known colloquially as a C-section) aren’t “favoured evolutionarily” and should “pass peacefully.”

Additionally, Bialik described herself as a “proud Zionist” in 2017 while speaking to Huffington Post about Israel’s ongoing brutalisation of the Palestinian people. She further voiced support for Israeli settlements, which have been deemed illegal by the United Nations due to Israeli colonisers’ displacement of Palestinian people from the Palestinian homeland.

Bialik was also criticised in 2017 for penning an op-ed in The New York Times that many saw as tacitly blaming Harvey Weinstein’s victims for the sexual assaults they suffered at the movie producer’s hands. Again, she pushed back on this characterisation, saying that her comments about dressing modestly to supposedly avoid assault by men had been misconstrued and taken out of context.

And finally, many are giving Bialik the side-eye for her work as a spokesperson for supplement company Neuriva, which as Mother Jones pointed out earlier this month sells unproven “nootropics” that have previously been criticised by publications like Psychology Today as “snake oil.” This side hustle puts Bialik in such illustrious company as hacks like Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, and Ben Shapiro.

Although few pointing out these red flags have called for Bialik’s resignation from Jeopardy!, many seem to consider her hiring a bad look for the show. Her past statements, combined with the controversy surrounding executive producer Mike Richards, have put the program on thin ice with many fans, especially those who were hoping for a beloved personality like LeVar Burton to step into the hosting role.

Sony Picture Television has yet to comment publicly about Bialik’s history. Rumours are now circulating that previous Jeopardy! champion and current show consultant Ken Jennings is the “hands-down favourite” to step into the main gig. Jennings was one of several guest hosts in the months following Alex Trebek’s death, a group that also included Richards, Bialik, and Burton.

Jeopardy! season 38 begins September 13.


  • FFS, Why do we keep looking to comments made years ago (often which celebrities have owned up to their stupidity or reversed their stance) to vilify people?

    • Ian himself can’t even be consistent on this, either. Same article, same deal, very different treatment. Really gets the noggin jogging.

      Why did he deliberately compare her to right-wing political commentators, is he trying to suggest she’s the same as them? It’s certainly an intriguing choice of comparison, considering Gwyneth Paltrow is a much more high-profile example of nootropics dealers.

      Does Ian know what a zionist is? Perhaps he’s been watching too much Memri TV and absorbed its antisemitism.


      • It’s not anti-Semitic to criticise a violent colonialist European nationalistic ideology imposed from without on Palestine. That’s just a Zionist smokescreen.

        • That’s funny… because that’s basically what ran the Jews out of Israel in the first place so the “Palestinians” could “settle” there… Swap European for Arab and there you have it.

          Don’t be upset because the Jews were given back their homeland that they were forcibly removed from… Multiple times

          Don’t fall for the anti-Semitic smokescreen that ignores History.

          Hey Kotaku.. Better turn off the comments before more Jew-haters start spewing their anti-Jew rhetoric

          • That’s cute, the person who ignores history is worried about people ignoring history. Who said I hate Jews? That’s a Zionist strawman. It’s like saying because I am anti- communist I hate Chinese. I can hate a destructive nationalist ideology without hating a class of people. I leave that to the nationalists.
            That stretch of land NEVER belonged to just one people until partition and the Romans weren’t Arabs.

          • Oh Angry.. last forced expulsion of significant Jewish population from Israel was in the 17th century. Ended up being less than around 5000 total Jews in Israel.

            Funny how noone seems to care that part of what was deemed “Palestine” is still currently occupied by Lebanon, Syria, etc.. with no “Palestinians” living in those regions (because they were forced out)… It’s only Israel that people seem to care about… Spose it’s easy to hate on Jews, been happening for millenia, why stop now hey?

            Regardless though, when do we cross the line through such things and say, “can’t complain about it anymore because it happened too long ago?” Wonder how long until Australia hits that mark… Or America… *Wink*

          • Lol. Thinking the Jewish people don’t deserve to live in their homeland is anti-Jew. Thinking the Jewish-people deserve to remain stateless, is anti-Jew.

            Correct, Romans weren’t Arabs… They just hated them so much that the renamed their land after the enemies the Philistines as an attempt to erase them and their heritage. Kinda like what you lot are doing these days. Funny how, if “that stretch of land didn’t belong to anyone” why would the Romans (after the Jewish revolt) rename it based on an enemy of the Jews? Hmmmmm…

            But don’t worry… You forgot all the other times they were forcibly removed… Then allowed to come back… Then forcibly removed… Then allowed to come back… Then forcibly removed…. Well you get the idea

          • 300 years ago. So kids today have to suffer for a 300 year old grudge? Your own hysterical, hyperbolic reaction proves the poison that is nationalism kills truth.

          • Ah… So 300 years is long enough to tell people to suck it up, bad luck it’s not your land anymore, you lost it fair and square???

            Looking forward to hearing that same rhetoric applied to just about every colonised country moving forward.. hope you tell that to basically every indigenous person you come across comparing about colonial settlement that happened almost as long (Australia) or longer (America). Tell them to not hold a grudge lol

    • Because the world is now full of people who have 2 things:
      1. Tall poppy syndrome
      2. Their feeling hurt that someone “they” didn’t choose got something they wanted someone “they” think is “better suited” by a person should have instead.

    • The vaccine stuff that she subsequently recanted in 2015, fair enough. Not everybody knew that “do your own research” was code for falling down a rabbit hole of delusion affirming stupidity back then. Same with the Darwinist eugenics in 2010 – everyone said stupid crap around that time.

      On the other hand, 2017 is technically “years ago” but it’s hardly “way back when we didn’t know any better”.

  • in what way are her comments relevant to her hosting job? I mean seriously, If Ian was gonna be consistent in his logic more than half of the video game journalists would have been fired.

    • This whole situation seems like a bunch of people who don’t watch Jeopardy (Its majority audience is pensioners) are mad that the person they want to host a show they dont watch is not gonna be host so they are trying to cancel every host until they get theirs on a show they dont watch.

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