Please Enjoy This Very Unusual Ad For A 480Hz Monitor

Please Enjoy This Very Unusual Ad For A 480Hz Monitor

Things I don’t think about when it comes to 480Hz monitors: a literal chorus of gamers singing.

The ad was released in China by BOE Gaming, which doesn’t do a whole lot of business in Australia. Most of their stock in trade is displays of all kinds: TVs, AMOLED displays for phones and the occasional gaming monitor.

But at Chinajoy, the world’s biggest gaming conference, BOE Gaming unveiled a 480Hz display. Putting aside the fact that even high-end PCs can’t run competitive games at that frame rate — CSGO frame rates during an actual match are more around the 300-380 FPS mark, for instance — what’s interesting is how BOE decided to market the monitor.

I mean, just look at the thumbnail below: one of the dudes looks absolutely horrified to be on camera, let along singing. YouTube sadly doesn’t have captions for whatever it is they’re actually singing, but the impressive part is that the whole 30 second ad doesn’t feature the monitor at all.

According to BlurBusters, BOE actually had a ton of interesting tech at Chinajoy. Along with the 480Hz screen, the vendor also had a 32:9 ultrawide gaming OLED screen. We’ve heard a lot about OLED finally making its way into gaming monitors, but BOE’s screen is the first gaming-grade monitor at a convention to actually use the technology. There was also a high-refresh rate screen with 10,000 local dimming zones, which is the sort of number you want to see for proper HDR gaming monitors (at least ones that aren’t using OLED technology, anyway).

Digital Audio Video has more GIFs and images of all the technology in question. You can’t buy BOE monitors in Australia directly, although there are plenty of BOE-branded LCD display panels for industrial and commercial purposes. Still, with BOE jumping out in front it makes me wonder if they’ll be the first company to reach the 1000Hz mark — a barrier manufacturers expect will be reached sometime this decade.

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