Pro Breath Of The Wild Player’s Trickshot Montage Is Basically The Zelda Olympics

Pro Breath Of The Wild Player’s Trickshot Montage Is Basically The Zelda Olympics

What’s the most surefire way to make a cool thing cooler? Easy: Set it to some seriously epic music. Case in point here is a thrilling new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trickshot montage by BotW streamer Duplex Link. The film would be awesome on mute, but the soundtrack just makes it all that much more entertaining.

The eight-minute video kicks off with some edited highlights of BotW’s cutscenes (protect the princess! Ganon bad!) before getting into it. And let me tell you, when it gets into it, it gets into it. See for yourself:

Duplex Link, who’s dutifully published BotW trickshot videos for years, worked on the montage for about four months. Last year, the YouTuber published a tutorial video illustrating how to launch yourself into the mesosphere from pretty much anywhere. Throughout the montage, you can see similar tricks, in which Link blasts enemies from above with ceaseless barrages of various types of arrows. Duplex Link very clearly likes to take to the skies.

But beyond that, much of the film eludes easy comprehension. Think of it like an Olympic sport — say, rock-climbing, or skateboarding, or gymnastics.

You know how, when you watch such talented athletes do their thing, you’re impressed while still understanding what’s going on? No doubt, you’re witnessing a tremendous display of skill — probably, let’s face it, beyond what you can do — but you understand the fundamental mechanics of what’s going on. And then you watch the sport on an Olympian level, and it’s just, like, what the ffffffuuu… That’s basically Duplex Link’s video.

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Of course, this is all amplified by the background music, which sounds like it belongs in a Tom Cruise film from 2013, what with its thrumming drums and orchestral strings. (For those curious, the two tracks are “Redemption” by Mitchell Broom and “S.A.B.E.R. Squad” by InfraSound.) Pretty cool way to start a Monday.

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