A Ton Of Riders Republic Gameplay Has Leaked Online

A Ton Of Riders Republic Gameplay Has Leaked Online
Image: Ubisoft

A private beta for Riders Republic took place over the weekend. And just as reliable as the sun rising in the morning, people have uploaded a whole bunch of gameplay from the NDA’d beta online.

Riders Republic is the latest skating/bike-riding/extreme sports adventure from the same studio that made Steep, although this one seems a bit grander in scope and vision. Steep primarily focused on the alps and the various skiing and snowboarding tricks you could pull. Riders Republic extends that a bit further with wingsuits, more locations and more action sports.

And as is customary for anything on the internet, plenty of people uploaded footage despite Ubisoft sending emails to gamers saying the beta was “under strict NDA”. One YouTuber has mashed up a bunch of the footage available, showcasing some of the downhill biking in first-person, the snowboarding, wingsuit races, large multiplayer races with over 30 people, and some of the other modes.

There’s also more footage floating around online, including this seven minute clip that showcases a bit more of the progression system and downhill riding.

The mass multiplayer modes look pretty entertaining. I didn’t have any real expectations or hopes for Riders Republic, if only because games like this tend to live or die on having a certain mass of popularity. It looks like it’d be a perfect game for a service like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus: if enough people jump on board from the beginning, a lot of these mass multiplayer races could have a Trackmania-degree of charm.

Riders Republic launches on PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles on October 22.  It’s got crossplay for all platforms, too.


  • If you don’t include the community in your development you’re opaque, unfriendly and ‘don’t listen’. Give them a chance to have their say, and they use it as an opportunity to forward themselves and their own interests at your expense. Game Dev catch 22.

  • The first video was interesting cause it did NOT have the “Beta” and “Account name” water marks you see in the second.

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