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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves! Ask about a new mouse. Talk about a movie you’ve seen recently. Get some advice on a new PC, ask for advice on a Switch indie, or just have a rant about something recently at work. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find a friend to chat about it here.


  • *gasp* fresh tay.
    Time to ruin it like fresh snow.

    in actual conversation, i’m nearing the end of Tokyo Mirage sessions. I have enjoyed it so much more then i thought I ever would. Probably helps most of the characters are likable (‘cept Barry. Screw Barry)

    • On a slight tangent since Mirage Sessions involves Jrpgs AND Idol Culture… I am rather hyped for the new Nep Nep coming out since it has all these Vtubers in there as cameos/characters!

  • I’m thinking of getting someone else to build my computer this time round. like pick parts and they build it kind of deal. if anyone has retailer suggestion, I’m all ears lol

        • I don’t assemble PCs any more. It’s hours of effort and potential frustration with no-one but myself to blame for failure, and the increased price you pay for getting someone else to do it is worth it to me. Time has value, and I’m keenly aware of that these days. If I never have to install another OS again, it’ll be too soon.

          • I actually just built my rig mid last year… literally missed out on every upgrade (intel 10 series and rtx 30xx) because my 10yr old rig finally gave up (mostly the hdd and since i was replacing that i figured might as well overhaul everything) around january since i didnt wanna be without pc waiting for new processors n stuff… luckily got most of my stuff before the huuuuge shortage of parts mobo was the only one really delayed.

            I actually like building stuff (ie. Lego and Plamodels) and since its been years since I did a full build I found it fun putting the stuff together. Specially the whole picking out parts n stuff

          • Coming in a little late, but same here. New machine, gotten around when you posted, with nothing spectacular about it, but I just couldnt be arsed building it. So ordered it and got it built by a friend who used to do it as a business.

            10900/3070 build with 64Gb of RAM if you’re interested. Cost a bit over $3k, about half that on the GPU alone. She couldnt get her hands on a 3080 or I would have put that in, but the build is certainly more than enough. With space to grow as well. Only one 1Tb SSD in there, and its 2x32Gb RAM so can double it if needed.

            And whole thing was someone elses problem to get working. Runs about 13500 on 3Dmark btw, so not a world changer, but nothing to sneeze at.

    • Pretty much every single discount retailer will assemble whatever parts you pick for around $120. It’s more or less a standard option. See MSY, for example

      I have bought from pretty much every discount retailer around and they’re all more or less the same; crap service but cheap prices and the staff have built more systems than most of us have seen PCs so it’s pretty hard to go wrong – either way if they stuff up and burn out your mobo it’s on them not you.

      The only limitation is that you’re restricted to only those bits offered by that particular retailer, which is inevitably going to result in some compromises.

      • Figured as much.. I was gonna mention almost every pc parts place will usually have a prebuilt or build it for you for a fee….with the condition the parts needs to be purchased from same shop

  • So. Kotaku Community. I have a question for you.
    What is the game you have hated the most, but finished it to completion.
    Now i dont mean, what game has the worst ending that made you go “what the fuck”.
    I mean what game, did you hate nearly every minute you played it, but decided you must finish it, rather than it finish you.
    Mine is Dark Void.

    • Andromeda.

      It’s not genuinely that bad, but christ it was not entertaining while reviewing. Also not helped by some prime bullshit on EA’s part where all PC codes had a two week expiry date.

    • Need for speed payback.

      EA made a need for speed game even more shit. They literally made upgrading your car into a slot machine.

      Fuck EA.

        • Coincidentally the exact feeling i had when i was presented with the slot machine system they implemented for upgrades.

          • I actually enjoyed the NFS series last one I had was Carbon.. as painful as it was to see it mistly recycled it came at a time when I was on my Initial D phase so the Touge races were enough to carry the game for me.

            I saw Payback and was hyped to see a new one… up until the point I saw customisation was reduced to pulling gacha.. immediately went nope

    • Valkyria Revolution on PS4. A simply terrible action version of the superb turn-based Valkyria games, charmless and awful. And I platinum-trophied it for reasons that escape me.

    • I absolutely hated Kane and Lynch. I have no idea why I stuck with it until the end but it was awful.

      Recently I did the all the VR missions in MGS2. I loved going through it but some of it controls so badly that I should have quit.

    • I’d have to put Megaman X6 on this…. I mean I’m used to the difficulty of Megaman games and X as a series is actually a lot easier compared to classic.

      .. but good grief this game… it was such an obviously tacked on rush job by Capcom. So many questionable stage design decisions… actual stages that punished you for going alternate routes for un clearable areas unless you have the right weapon/armor… forcing you to throw away that 10+ life stock you have…

    • Probably Bioshock Infinite. Was bogged down by bullet sponges, obvious set ups and ridiculous enemies. It just could have been done better

      • This is an odd one, but i never played it on anything harder than normal, so i didnt notice the bullet sponges aspect at all.

        • I think i played it on normal too. It could have been that the story was so sparse that I kinda groaned if I saw set pieces because I knew there was going to be a battle and to me battle was tedious.

          • I never really found combat in any of the BioShock games to be super engaging. There were lots of options and a few novelty abilities so it was fun at first but once it gets rolling there’s not much pushing you to mix things up. If the story slows or the environments stop engaging it quickly becomes a hallway full of enemy groups.

    • I didn’t think I’d have an answer for you, but then I remembered…
      Duke Nukem Forever.

      On my first playthrough I got to some underwater level and called it quits. A bad game was not going to get any better with an underwater level.
      A few years later (and a few years ago now) I punished myself for the entertainment of others and streamed the whole game. It did not get better with age. Then I bought the DLC for some reason. It was less terrible.

      In conclusion, Duke Nukem Forever is a 2/10 game, and fuck Randy Pitchford.

    • Anthem. Found the story boring, hated the facial animation of the NPCs and the limits to flying. Forgot to cancel my preorder for the deluxe edition so I had to play it purely out of principle.

    • Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon. I’d enjoyed the first two games on PS2, but this one was just bad.

      From a game play perspective, it was unfinished. The weapons felt underpowered, and the difficulty curve was all over the place mission to mission. From a story perspective, it felt like they’d crossed over from the period satire of previous games to offensive racial stereotypes.

    • I already voted for republic a few times before but it’s such a non-issue for a lot of folks and its usually just tacked on to other referendums and stuff so it never gets off the ground… and to be fair its not really such a massive change

      …that being said lets be honest even if we finally legislatively split (since thats all it is… just legislation. we’ve split off from UK in practice for quite a while now) thats not gonna stop our usual media/tabloid consumption of the royals =P

      • Yeah, tabloid media is really the underlying cause of all this.

        If tabloid media disappeared tomorrow, nothing of value would be lost.

      • The problem is that in the UK, pretty much every news outlet and public figure is socially and in some ways legally mandated to give the royals attention. While it’s not quite that bad here, we’re still being brought along for the ride.

        • Ugh the tabloid media is ruthless in the UK. They were the media orgs that got in trouble for hacking into celebs phones just to get stories to publish. They are scum. Their “journalists” are hacks.

      • Agreed, I couldn’t tell the difference or name any of them that are still alive outside of the Queen and Prince Charles.
        Just don’t look, Just don’t look.

  • Does anyone know if I can connect to my PS4 using Remote Play on my PC and still use a PS4 controller directly connected to my PS4? Essentially just mirror the video and audio to the app on the PC.

    • Using remote play? No. Remote play requires you to connect the controller to the PC either via a USB cable or a wireless adapter.

      The only way you could do what you want (AFAIK) is not via remote play but by connecting the ps4 to your computer via a capture card.

  • I started Assassin’s creed black flag over the weekend and wow, am I bad. I have already got stuck and died at least once and I’m still not through the tutorial.

  • Did anyone else see Gabe N’s cameo in Count to Three? Turns out Valve is self aware about not making it to third games.

      • I haven’t played Dota 2 in years and I still feel like I missed out after I hearing it. “More than two kills, but less than four kills” was beautiful. At this point it feels like Valve is deliberately keeping the meme alive.

  • Think we’ll get any articles on the Wolfire v Valve lawsuit? I just heard about it on Twitter despite it being week old news at least. Its good someone’s going after Valve for their anti-competitive, anti-consumer practices (that isn’t the Australian government)

    Really puts lie to all the Valve defenders about how much ‘better’ they are as a storefront for … anyone really. Except for their own money schemes.

    • No one’s denying that Valve are scumbags in the consumer affairs department (hello ACCC smackdown!), but their storefront is objectively better feature wise than the competition.

      • Still waiting for something from the lawsuit to emerge. Filing a lawsuit by itself is fun, and newsworthy in some circumstances. But I think being a week old (last time I checked) and nothing of substance having emerged yet, it makes sense to hold until something develops.

  • I just want to say, that top game every year we have been alive article reminded me how good this place can be when everyone isnt at each others necks, it was a fantastic article and showed the good of the community.

    • I think there’s a lot of tone reading into some comments that really isn’t warranted that leads to unneeded hostility. I remember how “I don’t want to deal with a PS5 needing warranty” turned into a word salad of replies for reasons I can’t fathom why. XD

      The top game list was good though and I now have a list of desired remasters that I really want to happen. Comparing some of those years to the last five was eye opening.

      • Yeah, some times ive come back to a shitstorm due to someone misreading tone. (which of course is hard to read tone through text alone)
        But daaaaaamn did i also go “man i so want some of these games to get remasters to play again” out of that article!

        • I try to imagine every post with a sarcastic drawl to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn’t always work.

          It reminded me that Arcanum was a thing and how desperately I want an updated remaster or remake.

          • There were a few games in that particular style of RPG that came out then. There was Lionheart as well as Divine Divinity. Unfortunately, since Planescape Torment, the only one I’ve actually finished is DD. I haven’t even beaten Throne of Bhaal!

            I’m glad that the first two Shadowrun Returns games at least capture the same magic.

          • Lionheart I’ll have to check out, Planescape Torment I started playing back in the day but lost the disc (might grab an updated release when they’re not so expensive) and I had a huge amount of fun with DD.

            Shadowrun Returns is still on my to do list. Even though some entries are weaker, overall I’ve still enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I started working my way through them only to be taken out by IRL stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

    I was originally going to USA & Canada Before Covid fucked everything up in May last year, Well Air Canada has decided to give refunds cause Australia is a looooooong way off of going back overseas.
    Which means i only lost around 1k overall ($250 for car hire deposits & around $750-$800 on the insurance) Cheering with that. At one point i was looking at losing around 6-7K.

    • Oh god, that’s so much money. Lucky you got most of it back. Still 1k is nothing to sneeze at.

      • Oh indeed, but i was soooo god damn upset when i was looking like id lose it all, only losing that much is such a relief.

        • oh yeah. It’s actually part of the reason i didn’t bother with Pax this year. Didn’t want to be out of money if it gets cancelled

    • Far out. And I was annoyed when it looked like I might lose $200 on local flights… That must have been so defeating to think it was gone. I’m glad it worked out for you (or at least 85% worked out).

      • Oh i was at an utter loss, Im not a rich person. Lived in a rental all my life, Housing commission for the last 25ish years. It took me a looooooooooong time to save for that trip. Only losing 1k out of it was such a relief.

        • The most offensive thing you’ve ever done is have a “Good news everyone!” and you don’t know about the WoW Futurama reference with Professor Putricide and his poison slime pipes. I’m officially revoking your Futurama references ticket.

          • Professor Putricide is a straight up Professor Farnsworth parody. Google his audio files if you’re curious.

    • Dang, glad you got some back, we lost nearly 10K because we couldn’t go on our Canadian trip to see family and STA went bust.

      We had saved up 6 years to go, it was heartbreaking.

      • That’s not a lately thats been going since 2 years or so now.. it wasnt as obvious before the restructure since they always had a healthy dose of articles and they usually did it on slow periods like holidays..

        Now its just a daily thing to pad out the content..

        That being said every now and then they republish a banger of a classic article (the recent My dads Civ Save File was truly excellent writing) which has me go all nostalgia for back then…..Ah the days when a Luke Plunkett one sentence 1 pic “article” was the worst/most divisive stuff posted xD

  • This is less talk to you guys with kotaku, and more about gizmodo.
    Can someone please start putting morning spoilers BACK in the correct ‘entertainment’ sub category that it was in until a few weeks ago…

    • There’s been an issue with the US where they, for God knows what reason, decided to completely bin their existing tagging system and replace it with some beyond-awful algorithm. Everything on the US page was being posted under “culture”, which is real weird for a gaming site when it would be under normal things like “PS5” or “Sony” etc.

      But yeah, it’s affecting *every* piece of content. Hasn’t been fun.

  • I have discovered how to search sales and genre at the same time with the Xbox. For anyone blind like me, head to the Store, then the Deals tab, scroll down one or two tiles to the category of games on sale, then mash X to get full list, and X again to get your filter options for genre which will then give you the games on sale from a specific genre. Thank you to the guy on a forum who wrote that down for me to Google.

  • One cannot help but notice how gaming media collectively came together to shill for charities for the dubious BLM and various Palestinian charities, yet they only offered a wall of silence for Afghanistan.

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