Toy Pokédex Becomes Working Nintendo DS

Toy Pokédex Becomes Working Nintendo DS

Pokémon’s Pokédex has had a few different looks over the years, but one in particular looks just like a certain Nintendo handheld.

The two screens, the clamshell lid, yeah that’s a Nintendo DS, albeit one with a few extra steps.

Image: NintendoImage: Nintendo

Unbelievably Nintendo never cashed in on this themselves, not even with a colour scheme or case paintjob, so Game Boy modder tomvdcr has had to step in and do it himself.

Using an old toy Pokédex, one that came with “a few odd mini games on an anemic lcd display”, tomvdcr gutted it and replaced its insides with a working Nintendo DS instead, which fit so tight he had to trim the motherboard to get it in there.

The wireless charging is also a nice touch!

You can see the handheld in action below:

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