This Site Sends An Alert Every Time There’s A Free Pfizer Vaccine Appointment In Sydney

This Site Sends An Alert Every Time There’s A Free Pfizer Vaccine Appointment In Sydney
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The race to see the majority of Australians vaccinated by the end of the year is picking up steam – thanks to the enthusiasm of young Aussies, might I add – but the rough reality in Sydney, in particular, is that access to Pfizer vaccines is hard to come by.

Even if you’re proven eligible, (something you can check here) folks have been struggling to access appointments across Sydney to actually get jabs in arms.

Seeing that anxiety is rising and young Aussies are feeling increasingly eager to source vaccines, one Redditor has decided to do their part to help offer something of a solution.

As our pals at Pedestrian reported, Redditor handshakerefuser has developed a website titled Covid Queue that alerts you when a Pfizer appointment becomes available in Sydney.

The software engineer behind the website, Fraser Hemphill, spoke with Business Insider Australia about his decision to build the site this week. He shared that it came from his personal experience struggling to book the vaccine, as well as that of a nurse friend of his.

“She showed me how she was continuously reloading four different gov. sites hoping for an available time slot,” Hemphill told Business Insider Australia via email.

“I knew I could automate this and help her find one more easily so I whipped up a script and she was able to find a booking immediately,” he said.

How does Covid Queue work?

It’s pretty simple, really. The website continuously runs through available Pfizer vaccine appointments at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, St Vincent Hospital in Darlinghurst, Westmead Hospital, and the vaccination hub at Sydney Olympic Park.

It will sound off with a bell (it’s pretty loud) when one Pfizer appointment is available and you’ll hear a double ding when there are two vaccine appointments three weeks apart ready for you to book.

How can I book myself a Pfizer vaccine from the website?

Scrolling down the website will show you a list of all the Pfizer vaccine slots you can theoretically book in Sydney, categorised by date and time (note: most of these are currently sitting in October at this point).

From here you can click on the “book” button and it will bring you to the NSW government’s vaccination hub where you can start the process of securing your spot.

You can visit the Covid Queue website here.

It’s worth noting that while this is super handy for all people in Sydney, particularly those who cannot have the AstraZeneca jab, it is considerably easier to register for the AZ vaccine if you’d like to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Details on that, for those who may be considering making a booking, can be found here. Be sure to chat with your doctor about whether AstraZeneca is the right choice for you.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced this week that if Greater Sydney wants to see out of this current lockdown, we need to reach a target of 6 million vaccinated people by the end of August. She noted it’s expected we’ll reach four million doses by the end of the week, but we still have a way to go.

This follows the news that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced new vaccination targets for Australia, with a goal of reopening international travel once 80 per cent of Aussies are vaxxed.


  • Not for nothing, 6 million vaccinated isn’t going to happen because “vaccinated” means having the full course applied – which for most vaccines means two doses. I got my first shot earlier than close to anyone I know (the injection site was sore for a couple of days – no other reaction) and my second shot is in September. Even after the second shot full protection doesn’t kick in for another 2 – 3 weeks so if you’re interested in actual protection rather than statistics then that’s near October. And again – I’m relatively early.

    I don’t know, maybe some protection plus NSW’s half-arsed lockdown will do the job. But it won’t do it quickly.

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