New Details About The Castlevania Advance Collection Have Surfaced

New Details About The Castlevania Advance Collection Have Surfaced
Image: Konami

Way back in June 2021, the Australian Classification Board seemed to leak a nifty new title: a Castlevania Advance Collection, which would port Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow to the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. As three of the best Castlevania games around, it was excellent news for fans — but despite the major hype that accompanied the announcement, nothing seemed to come of the leak. Without an official announcement, the trail went cold. But now, there’s fresh hope for Castlevania fans.

As spotted by Gematsu, it appears the Castlevania Advance Collection has recently been rated by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee, following leaks from both Australia and South Korea.

Initially, the game was announced as ‘multi-platform’ with no console specifics, but the new listing does reveal the game is set to release for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4. There’s still no indication about whether the collection is a remake or a simple upscaling of the Game Boy Advance originals, but that shouldn’t stop hype for the collection.

While Castlevania achieved its popularity on earlier Nintendo consoles, Konami had perfected the formula by the time the series came to Nintendo handhelds. The three main Game Boy Advance titles are some of the best Castlevania games around (we still love you, Symphony of the Night) and they expand the mythos of Castlevania in a big way.

It was unfortunate to see them being passed over in recent Castlevania re-releases, but it’s now looking very likely they’ll be getting the love they deserve soon. There’s nothing official from Konami just yet, but multiple global ratings are a great sign that we’re getting closer to hearing more about the project.

Long live the handheld Castlevania games.

While we wait for more official word on the release of the Castlevania Advance Collection, you can also check out the newly released version of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls on Apple Arcade right now. It’s a fresh port of the original mobile game, re-skinned without those prickly microtransactions. It’s not quite the same as the excellent GBA originals, but it might tide you over until we hear more.


  • If it comes out as a physical copy I’ll be all over it in a second. I missed out on the GBA Castlevania games and only have one of the DS ones so I’d love an excuse to give them a decent look into.

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