Come Write For Kotaku Australia!

Come Write For Kotaku Australia!
Covering events and the things you'll see and play -- once we're allowed back! -- is all part of the fun. Image: Kotaku Australia

Working at Kotaku Australia is and has always been one of the best jobs in the world. And once again, we’re opening the doors for new faces to join the ride.

We’re looking for a writer to join the Kotaku Australia crew full-time. The role will ideally be based out of our offices in either Sydney or Melbourne, and you’ll work super closely with the editor on a day-to-day basis to cover, plan and think about everything that needs doing for one of Australia’s longest-running video game websites.

What we’re after:

Reporting directly to the Head of Editorial and working closely with the Editor, this hands-on role is suited to someone who lives and breathes the dynamism of the gaming world and all its adjacent industries, tapping into the fandom and associated cultures to tell stories not just about games, but what people are doing with them.

  • Work closely with the Editor to uncover new areas of opportunity for coverage, helping set the agenda for a new era for Kotaku Australia
  • Write local news stories for Kotaku Australia, covering everything from the latest games releases, industry news and major events
  • Write in-depth features that are funny, fresh, unique — stuff that goes beyond the typical reviews, previews, news cycle
  • Schedule both local and US content to the site’s social channels as required
  • Work with the Editor to generate ideas for editorial series
  • Translate trends from YouTube, Twitch, Discord, TikTok and other social media channels, as well as gaming communities, to pitch spicy stories relevant to our audience’s interests
  • Participate in, and help curate, Kotaku Australia live streams as needed
  • Participate in brainstorms for commercial content as needed
  • Help produce and send out Kotaku’s daily newsletter
  • Perform other duties as required from time to time by the Editor

For more details about the job and how you can apply, head to the job listing here. Get those cover letters and CVs ready!


  • Sounds interesting! If I was looking for work I’d definitely think about it. Then I could email Anthony Fordham and go ‘Ha! It took me a few decades but now I too am in gaming journalism!’ We went to high school together. Always amused me to see him doing PC Gamer. Pretty funny guy.

    Funny things about circles folks revolve in, the completely different meaning words can have. You say ‘spicy stories’ and I read that as ‘you want smutty stories?’ … which to be fair, considering some of the previously posted Sims articles probably wouldn’t be too far from the mark! 😀

  • Finally all the Facebook commenters who think they can do your job better than you have an opportunity to prove it.

  • Jealous of the Sydney/Melbourne peeps who can take up this opportunity. I hope this is a new position thanks to the success of the Oz writers’ hard work, and you’re not replacing anyone!

    • “we’re also happy to consider interstate applications.”

      Go for it! I’d do it myself, but I have 0 experience as a commercial writer.

      • Haha, my comment did highlight the location, but there’s a bit more than location goes into ‘can take up this opportunity’. As you mentioned: all that commercial writing and CMS experience, for one! Not to mention that unless the reporting gig comes with six figures and serious job security, I’d be absolutely shooting myself and my family in the feet.

        Still jealous, though. Ahh, to dream. A career change would totally buy me at least a year or so of renewed work motivation, I reckon!

  • > …be based out of our offices…

    Ah, come on, really!

    For those with anything more than a passing interest, there’s no information on remuneration for you to compare to your current employment and options.

  • Being able to have the budget and structure to advertise a fulltime writing position in journalism, let alone online gaming journalism, is no mean feat. Congratulations to you and your team in being able to provide this.

  • One of the benefits is “a cheeky marg station”

    I may need clarification on this one because I am picturing a table with different kind of butters laid out for tasting on bread or something.

    • Haha, they’re referring to margaritas in this instance. Butters laid out for bread tasting would be pretty funny though! But it’s just an example of an office event they had (in the pre-COVID era anyway).

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