Conscript Is A Killer WW1 Survival Horror That’s Being Made In Melbourne

Conscript Is A Killer WW1 Survival Horror That’s Being Made In Melbourne
Image: Catchweight Studio

A show like Gamescom is so large that some excellent, neat looking games always get buried. One of those happens to be Australian, and it’s got one hell of a hook if you love WW1 vibes.

The game’s called Conscript, and it’s the brainchild of Melbourne developer Jordan Mochi. It’s set in the trenches of Verdun, where you play as a single French soldier trying to slowly survive one of the most brutal conflicts in history.

You’re trying to find your brother who got lost in the Battle of Verdun, but you’ll have to fight your way through the various trenches and the soldiers still left inside. The gameplay and movement isn’t fast paced: you’re progressing through the trenches at a pretty methodical pace, and the nature of the trenches mean you’ve got limited visibility.

It gives Conscript some strong survival cred. You don’t have an unlimited cache of ammo. You can’t just run around a corner and headshot enemies like it’s Call of Duty. Enemies aren’t always that easy to kill and you can’t just hide behind a corner and recover damage.

There’s a hell of a lot I like about this. The sound design is great. The Resident Evil look to the shop is great. The lack of visibility adds a ton of suspense to the atmosphere. I love that you need to rely on the environment because you just can’t mow soldiers down. And also, I love the fact that it’s being made in Australia.

Australia’s really had a banger last couple of years for development, and we haven’t even gotten some of the biggest titles yet (like Hollow Knight: Silksong or Sports Story). Conscript won’t be out until 2022 sometime, but there’s a demo available on Steam if you want to have a go.


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