Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Makes Its Roads Wet Again

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Makes Its Roads Wet Again

For a minute there, Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t wet enough. Today, it is, thanks to an update that restores missing water effects in the troubled open-world shooter.

Cyberpunk 2077 is locked in a tidal pattern. CD Projekt Red will roll out a patch, fix some stuff, and in the process, break some other stuff. Following the game’s big August update, rainwater failed to make surfaces to look wet. Today’s update, patch 1.31, technically fixed that. In fact, surfaces are wetter than ever.

The 1.3 patch, which was the third major update for the infamously buggy game, brought numerous improvements, but it also drastically changed the water effects, specifically how surfaces looked before and after rain. Apparently, it was an issue with the ridiculously named “Wet Surfaces System.”

Today’s update isn’t just about making water more wet, though. It also purports to address a litany of smaller issues, including busted reload times and a miscalculated height for the game’s charged jump. Further, it fixes non-progression bugs in certain quests. You’ll now be able to talk to the nomads and get things started in “With A Little Help From My Friends.” And “Beat on the Brat” won’t suddenly restart.

Many are familiar with Cyberpunk 2077’s troubled history by now. It launched in rough shape on last-gen consoles, which CDPR hid from reviewers by only allowing PC copies to go out ahead of release. This led to refund requests from dissatisfied players, and Sony pulled the game from the PlayStation store before re-adding it, albeit with a disclaimer about its rocky performance on PlayStation 4.

Amid the turmoil, CDPR said it would drop several major patches for the game: one in January, another in February (it came out in March), and a third down the line. This ended up being the 1.3 patch that fans were waiting for through the spring and much of summer, only to laser-focus on the water effects. #Puddlegate all over again.

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