Earth Defence Force 6 Delayed To 2022

Earth Defence Force 6 Delayed To 2022

Giant-bug shoot’em-up game Earth Defence Force 6 has been delayed. Last summer, the PlayStation Blog announced that the game would go on sale this year. On Thursday, it was revealed that the game has been pushed back to 2022.

As of writing, no reason was given for the delay.

The Earth Defence Force games are a hoot to play. Typically, you run — or fly — around cities and shoot giant insects. As pictured above, the frog people enemies known as “Colonists” from EDF5 are back in the upcoming game.

It’s like playing a B-movie, and if you’ve never checked out an Earth Defence Force game, they are recommended.

The first Earth Defence Force was released back in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 as part of the Simple 2000 series, which were a series of budget-priced games from D3 Publisher. Developers for the Simple series included Sandlot, Irem, and Taito. Earth Defence Force, along with the cowboy-hat-and-bikini-wearing zombie-killer game OneeChanbara, was one of the most famous games to emerge from the Simple line.

Developed by Sandlot, the first Earth Defence Force has spawned a number of sequels. In recent years, D3 Publisher has roped in Osaka-based studio Yuke’s, which is best known for its wrestling games, to develop a couple Earth Defence Force games, namely Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain and Earth Defence Force: World Brothers. Sandlot, however, handles the mainline games and is developing Earth Defence Force 6.

Below is the game’s debut trailer from earlier this year.

According to Famitsu, Earth Defence Force 6 will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, making it the first EDF game to appear no Sony’s new console. Previously, the platforms for the game were listed as “TBA.”

In the past, Earth Defence Force games have been released on non-PlayStation hardware, including Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch. Earth Defence Force 5 was released on PlayStation 4 and Steam, so while it’s not yet announced, perhaps the upcoming Earth Defence Force 6 will eventually hit Steam as well.

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