FFXIV Is Nerfing Belts, Not Removing Them

FFXIV Is Nerfing Belts, Not Removing Them
Illustration: Square Enix

Rejoice, belt collectors of Final Fantasy XIV. Contrary to what some players and outlets believed, the developers aren’t removing belt items from the game entirely.

In the notes for the latest 6.0 patch, known as the Endwalker expansion, the developers said that belts will no longer drop, and they won’t be obtainable from quests. Belts also can’t be crafted, repaired, sold on the marketplace, or equipped to characters. And materia cannot be extracted from belts, though the items will still exist as items. They’re just dead inventory weight.

Before the Endwalker expansion nerfs belts on November 23, marketplace entrepreneurs should liquidate these items. If materia is your thing, you’ll need to extract it before the maintenance period. However, you’ll still be able to remove affixed materia from your belts after the update.

But it’s not all doom and gloom in the belt-pocalypse. Designated belt inventory slots will be reallocated to rings and primary weapons. Players can also choose to give their favourite belts to the Calamity Scavenger. For players who own a Speed Belt, the Calamity Scavenger will trade a ring with the same special effect. If the player starts a quest that requires belt items, then a different quest item will be required after the Endwalker maintenance period. And if you’re a procrastinator who didn’t manage to extract your belts in time, you can still sell your old belts to NPC vendors at any time.

These tweaks to the belt system reflect Square Enix’s wider attempt to control the amount of inventory management in FFXIV. For many FFXIV players, trying not to drown under the weight of their own crafting materials is practically a minigame in itself. These changes to the belt system accompany gameplay changes that eliminate high-quality item drops in the wild.

Nobody is forcing players to get rid of their belts. However, I firmly believe that if you truly love something, you need to learn how to let them go.


  • The title is misleading and only correct on a technicality. If an item is nerfed to the point it is entirely useless, then it is effectively removed. They are just letting players do the actual deleting.

    I think it’s *fine* that they’re removing belts and reallocating the Armoury Chest space. It also cleans up the awkward blend of belts being a left accessory that can’t decide if it’s worth the same or 50% more than other accessories.

  • Hmmm. That isn’t nerfing by my definition of the word. That sure sounds like they’re removing them, just grandfathering the change.

    Maybe nerf means something else in FFXIV.

    • It doesn’t. I play FFXIV and don’t know anyone who considers this a nerf. They’re just removing belts from gameplay completely and letting us decide if we want to keep our old belts in our inventory (for nostalgia I guess?) or vendor them for some gil.

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