Fortnite Season 8 Goes Full Cube With Portals, Low Gravity And Monsters

Fortnite Season 8 Goes Full Cube With Portals, Low Gravity And Monsters
Image: Epic

The Cube is back. But for Fortnite‘s latest season, Kevin isn’t alone.

The latest iteration of Epic’s battle royale that wants to be a metaverse is taking a leaf out of the Stranger Things book. Most of Fortnite‘s latest season has been about the players dealing with the incoming alien threat, with the last moments indicating there were more cubes on the way.

As it turns out, that’s precisely what’s about to happen. Season 8 will mark the arrival of The Sideways, an Upside Down-like dimension that has reduced gravity and restricted building. “These new Cubes are not only spreading corruption, but they’re also spreading portals, known as ‘Sideways Anomalies’, to this mysterious world and causing The Sideways to bleed into our world,” Epic announced.

Players can enter the Sideways anomalies and collect new weapons, including a minigun and a rifle. They can also be upgraded with Cube Monster Parts that are only found in Sideways Zones, which are randomly chosen parts of the map that will be impacted by the Upside Down-esque alien world.

Another alien-influenced power from the Sideways will include Shadow Stones, which can be found “scattered amidst the rubble” of the Mothership on the map. Players will be able to “become a shadow-like apparition to dash around obscured” for a short period of time, according to Epic.

As part of the communal activities for the season, players will be donating Bars to build Turret Stations, with community input factored in later on to decide which weapons should be developed and revealed. Fortnite is also bringing back the Harpoon Gun and Automatic Sniper Rifle for the latest season.

Here’s what the map will look like from tonight:

fortnite season 8 map

We also got a look at some of the skins and rewards available in the latest Battle Pass, as well as what a transition into the Sideways looks like. The official trailer, embedded below, also has a bit more of a look at Carnage, the tier 100 skin and one of Marvel’s most famous symbiotes.

The latest season of Fortnite should be live now across all platforms.

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