Good Morning, Some Deathloop Gameplay Has Leaked Online

Good Morning, Some Deathloop Gameplay Has Leaked Online
Image: Arkane Studios / Bethesda

Since the time-honoured tradition of retailers breaking street date is more common than it used to be, it’s probably no surprise that there’s real Deathloop gameplay floating around this morning.

The game doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow on PC and console in Australia, but according to social media posts some users in Europe have already been able to get their hands on copies of the game. And given that there’s not much in the way of reviews or proper footage just yet — OpenCritic doesn’t even have an expected review time/date, an indication of just how tight the wrap has been — we’ll have to rely on old mate himynameisdagan from YouTube.

Fortunately, himynameisdagan has posted a ton of short clips. But before we get into that, I’ll preface this with a spoiler to be fair for everyone.

kotaku spoiler warning

OK, so into the footage. Here’s the loadout screen, which looks great:

Here’s an interesting NPC reaction: One NPC goads another into jumping off a cliff and … well, the NPC does it. There’s a sound that plays when the fall damage kicks in, which makes me wonder whether that NPC was a target of some kind.

Here’s some combat from what seems like relatively early on in the game, judging by Colt’s voice-over line where he talks about this being too easy, only to realise “I’ve done this before, haven’t I?”

There’s a menu screen and some settings, including an option to “break the loop” or “protect the loop”, the latter being the multiplayer option where you can invade other people’s games as Julianna (although they won’t know you’re a real player).

There’s also just the first 17 minutes of gameplay from the menu screen, including the opening cut scene and basic tutorials, if you want to get a sense whether Deathloop will be your thing. I think it sells the game pretty well: The premise is pretty interesting, the gunplay seems solid and the UI looks excellent. There’s graphics and performance modes, with the performance mode targeting 60 FPS. If you want to watch that, the link’s here — just know it’s commentated gameplay.

Also, if you’re using old-fashioned weapons, the gun can jam. There’s a ton of haptic feedback through the DualSense as well, and I can imagine you’ll get a pretty strong vibration when your weapon locks up.

Deathloop hits PS5 and PC tomorrow. If you’re playing on PC, Indiegala has the cheapest price right now post-US conversion.


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