How To Get Into The Beta For Amazon’s New World

How To Get Into The Beta For Amazon’s New World
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Feel like raiding a bit of bounty? Then maybe Amazon’s New World will tide you over with an open beta, which is live now.

New World doesn’t officially launch until September 28, but if you want to see whether it’s worth your time this weekend’s open beta is worth a shout. But getting in takes a couple of steps.

The New World beta will only run for three days, but the nice part is that you’ll be able to play directly on Australian servers according to the devs. “The Open Beta test will utilize Steam’s new Playtest feature, which allows all interested players in our supported regions to request access to the test, for free,” Amazon announced.

So, how do you get in?

The whole thing is running through Steam, so you’ll want to head over to the New World listing. (You can do this in the client or via the website, your choice.)

If you scroll down, you’ll see an option under the New World Deluxe preorder button where you can “request access” for the beta:

“Click below to confirm your request to join. You’ll receive an email when the developer is ready for more participants,” the prompt that follows reads.

You’ll officially get an invite to whatever email your Steam account is registered to letting you know when you have access. However, as is often the case with Steam betas, you’ll actually get access before that email goes out.

To check, all you have to do is check your Recent games list. You can do this via the Steam client, or by right-clicking on the Steam option in your taskbar. And if New World has been added to your account, you’ll see it pop up as your most recent game. (It took less than five minutes between registering and getting access for me.)

new world beta
Image: Kotaku Australia

The beta is roughly 39GB, which isn’t too bad for AAA games these days. It’s worth noting that your progress won’t carry over to New World proper when it launches on September 28. Unlike some betas over the last couple of months, however, users are free to record, stream and share any gameplay they want, which is nice.

If you need some tips on getting started, the New World Fans site has an excellent primer here. But given everything’s being wiped for launch, you might as well just mess around. Happy raiding!


  • I wish developers would stop calling these ‘Open’ Betas, because they’re not.

    Open Betas used to be a case of sign up and you’re in.

    But this “Register interest and MAYBE you’ll get a key before the beta period is over… Probably only in time to install the game but not actually play it.” makes it no different to a closed beta.

    And if they can’t handle a massive influx of players wanting to try the game now, then I’ve got zero hope for them being able to do so at release date.

    • I mean, it is pretty instant and its functionally the same thing.

      In a completely speculative jab, I’d venture the language around maybe is designed to encourage sign ups through false scarcity – because they want to stress test their servers as much as possible before launch.

      But that’s just me.

      • I signed up this morning. Still nothing. No email, and it wasn’t automatically in my library either as some claimed happened for them.

        If this is ‘pretty instant’ then the definition has changed.

        And a quick glance at the ‘open’ beta thread on Steam tells me I’m far from alone on this.

  • I got in! Within literally seconds. My queue to get playing was less than a minute.
    Steam says I played for 106 minutes. It easily felt like three times that and I’m now uninstalling without regrets. Not for me.

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