I’m Ky, Kotaku Australia’s Newest Producer!

I’m Ky, Kotaku Australia’s Newest Producer!

Hey there! I’m Ky, the newest producer for Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker Australia. I’m an openly gay, Darug and Kamilaroi person raised in Blacktown. I obviously have a lot to say, and over time you will hear about it. I am also a double Pisces and yes I will blame the moon for my mood swings.

When I was told that my first post for Kotaku was to be an introduction I thought, ‘Wow, this is great, I love talking about myself,’ so I hope you love to learn about the people on the other side of the screen. Before we get into me, however, you must promise me something. You must promise to be kind to me because I, unlike all the lovely other writers and producers here at Kotaku Australia, am very basic when it comes to gaming. By basic, imagine the gaming equivalent to the chai latte obsessed Gen Z who loves Harry Styles and thinks that having a vinyl player is still edgy and that’s me. Before you ask, my chai lattes are always with Oat milk.

My introduction to gaming began when my family would huddle around our PS3 playing Crash Team Racing. Although we would ultimately argue and accuse my dad of cheating because he somehow always won, this game ignited a sense of excitement, passion and frustration in me that I have been yearning to find my adult life. Alas, now I spend far too much time playing Mario Kart with my friends hoping that it will live up to my CTR memories but it never does.

Unfortunately for me, my parents were very sceptical about the amount of time we spent on the Play Station so we never upgraded our console or got any other games besides Call of Duty or Fifa. As you can imagine these games were mostly for my brother and father who loved sports and violence. Although I did grow to love COD, it is a weird stress reliever (should that be worrying?) but there is only so much virtual combat one can take. I sometimes played Fifa with my brother, but if I didn’t find much joy out of a physical soccer game my chances for loving it virtually were very slim.

Call of Duty
Image: World of Longplays

I was mostly reduced to watching others play video games on Youtube (told you I was basic) which I loved doing because it felt like I was watching a movie with commentary and I didn’t have to go through the suspense in real time. To this day I tell people I have played dozens of games I have never touched in my life just because I watched some random man on Youtube playing it.

A game I will always be obsessed with is the Sims. I think it is the most iconic game on the market and needs to be taught in schools because I learnt a lot about saving money and lifestyle choices through those games. Also, it is a more realistic way of achieving the Australian dream of owning a home in this day and age.

Image: LongplayArchive

My dream game, you ask? Well. It would be a Pop Diva Smackdown in the style of Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Imagine all the iconic pop divas battling it out. I personally would love to see a Gaga vs. Madonna show off. While I doubt this will ever happen, a gay can dream, right?

This may be a shock twist, but I am a massive horror/thriller fan. Anything that gets my heart racing and reminds me of my existence in this socio-political hell-scape I will devour so I would love some suggestions about good horror games I can get into, the nicher the better.

All fun and games (get the pun?) aside, I am really excited to be a part of such an amazing place and hopefully get the chance to write about some cool stuff like Indigenous game designers or LGBTQ+ representation in gaming. If you have made it this far, I’m impressed, you have stayed with me longer than my relationships have. Hopefully, you’ll get to see my gaming journey soon.  But for now, I must go and contact every game designer I know to get this Gaga smackdown off the ground.


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