Rumours Point Towards inFAMOUS Getting A Shiny New Game

Rumours Point Towards inFAMOUS Getting A Shiny New Game
Image: Sony / Sucker Punch

The last inFAMOUS game released way back in 2014, and since then, fans have clamoured for a sequel. Even as developer Sucker Punch launched Ghost of Tsushima (to rapturous applause), questions lingered about the future of inFAMOUS and all the threads left hanging by the original games. Now, it seems some of those threads may be answered, as rumours point towards a potential new game.

Known leaker @Shpeshal_Nick recently took to Twitter to announce there was a “chance” inFAMOUS could be one of the mystery games at PlayStation’s upcoming 40-minute showcase. While they made it clear the rumour should be taken “with a grain of salt”, Baker has precedence with Sucker Punch leaks and recently outlined unknown details about Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion.

While nothing has been confirmed about these rumours, and so far we only have Baker’s word to go on, fans have noted changes to Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS website (, which could reveal preparations for a fresh announcement.

As identified by the WHOIS domain database, was refreshed in late July 2021, a move which has lent credence to the leaks.

It is important to note this website does contain information about Ghost of Tsushima and other Sucker Punch projects, though. While fans have pointed towards the website update for clues, it could very well be that the website refresh is related to the recent release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cutand not an entirely new game.

Still, the rumours are exciting for multiple reasons.

inFAMOUS and its sequels are great games, and with cliff-hangers for both the original duology and questions lingering about Second Son, a sequel on PS5 would be very welcome. Heck, even a remaster would go down a treat, because the original games aren’t currently playable on modern consoles.

Superhero games are also more popular than ever, and it would be high time for inFAMOUS to return and claim its long-lost crown.

It wouldn’t matter whether a new franchise entry would follow Second Son protagonist Delsin Rowe, original protagonist Cole MacGrath or someone new entirely, because there are plenty of stories left to tell in the inFAMOUS universe. A return feels inevitable, but we’ll have to wait and see whether the rumours actually pan out.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to see what’s in the works for the PS5.

The next PlayStation Showcase airs on Friday, September 10 at 6 a.m. AEST in Australia. Whether or not we hear more about a potential new inFAMOUS game, it should be a show worth tuning in for.


  • Depending on the ending of the second game, there really isn’t anywhere to go with that. That said there are threads in Second Son that could be explored.

    Second Son remains one of the few games I’d played that tried to do something really different with the PS4 controller.

    Still, remasters of the first two and the spinoff would be cool.

  • While the gameplay and visuals were fun, Second Son was very light on anything to sink your teeth into, a small empty world, a short story, a stupid and illogical ‘morality’ system which honestly shouldn’t have even existed it was executed so poorly. If they’re going to bring Infamous back then please put some meat on its bones! It could be so much more.

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