5 Gaming-Inspired Drinks You Can Whip Up At Home

5 Gaming-Inspired Drinks You Can Whip Up At Home
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With lockdown restrictions starting to ease up across Australia, it’s time to start making plans for long-awaited catch-ups, or finally celebrating those missed birthdays. There’s a decent chance these plans will involve grabbing a drink, and while buying a six-pack of beer or a bottle of bubbles is an easy solution, it’s much more fun to make your drinks from scratch.

I’m not suggesting that you grab a home brewing kit – you’ve had almost two years to pick up that as a new hobby. Instead, why not try your hand at brewing up some gaming-themed cocktails?

Are these just normal drinks with fun gaming names? Yes, but if you’re not exactly Tom Cruise behind the bar, it helps to start with some easy classics. These are good introductory recipes to build your drink-making skills from.

The Devil’s Kiss (Tequila Sunrise)

drink cocktail

A tasty Vigor hailing from Bioshock Infinite‘s Columbia. While it won’t give you the ability to shoot fire from your fingertips, it makes for a refreshing drink on a warm afternoon.

To make this drink, fill a glass with some ice, add a shot of tequila and a decent pour of orange juice. Pour a dash or two of grenadine over the top and then let it sink to the bottom.

If your hands do happen to spontaneously combust into flames, consult a medical professional ASAP.

The Spicy Elixir (Bloody Mary)

Stave off the extreme cold of Breath of the Wild‘s Hebra Mountains by getting something spicy into your belly. I know people either love or hate Bloody Marys, so if you’re in the latter camp, feel free to move right along.

Get yourself a tall glass with ice and add the following ingredients: a shot of vodka, two dashes of Worcestershire sauce, two dashes of Tabasco sauce, just under half a shot of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper, and then top it off with tomato juice.

Give this elixir a good stir and then garnish it with a celery stick.

The Dirty Wastelander (Cherry Bourbon Cola)

drink cocktail

While a traditional Dirty Wastelander in Fallout 4 is a mix of whiskey, Nuka Cola and mutfruit, I thought it’d be a bit more fun to mix things up a bit with this recipe.

Grab a glass with ice, add a shot of bourbon, half a shot of cherry liqueur, four pitted cherries and some lime juice, and then give it a muddle. Strain this drink into a rocks glass with some ice and top it all off with some cola.

Whether it’ll actually give you a boost to your strength and charisma remains to be seen. Although decreasing your intelligence doesn’t seem too far off.

The Estus Flask (Spiced Ginger and Apple Rum)

Sure, I could’ve connected a tequila sunrise to Solaire, but that’s a bit too obvious. Instead, pull up a seat next to the closest bonfire and make yourself a spiced Estus drink.

Unlike Dark Souls, this drink is pretty simple to complete. Take a shot of spiced rum, add in some apple juice and ginger ale, stir it up and toss in a lime wedge.

The Hadouken (Blue Lagoon)

drink cocktail

Just like Street Fighter, a Blue Lagoon is an all-time classic. If vodka is your spirit of choice, this is one drink that you absolutely should know how to make.

Just like the button-combo input for the Hadouken, this is a pretty simple cocktail to prepare and remember. Take a shot of vodka, a shot of Blue Curacao, top it off with some lemonade and garnish it with a lemon wedge.

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