Meet Deathloop’s Potato Cousin, Deathpoop

Meet Deathloop’s Potato Cousin, Deathpoop
Image: Kotaku Australia / Bethesda

Arkane makes great, stylish games, and Deathloop is no exception. Unless you start having some fun in the graphics settings.

Don’t get me wrong: Deathloop is a gorgeous game, and when maxed out it push any PC right to the limit. But what’s fun about some of these big releases is the amount of work the developers do to make it scalable. They’re obviously conscious of how wide the PC hardware base is, and while you can’t support everything, Arkane sure as hell gave it a shot.

So say you had one of these PCs that was too shit even for the most bargain of bins. It’s potato quality or bust for you. Sure, you might have to tank the resolution down to 640×480. And, sure, the textures might be so muddy that it genuinely becomes difficult to read literally any part of the in-game UI. Or see any of the character models on screen.

But the game’s still playable, right? If Horizon Zero Dawn could do it, Deathloop can … right?

Well, time to find out.

My commiserations to anyone with a machine so underpowered that they actually have to resort to graphics settings this extreme. But look on the bright side — Deathpoop is totally playable.

And hey, if you ever wanted to know whether it might run on the Switch some day? Now you know. And props to Arkane — their art holds up much better at 480p than I expected. The UI doesn’t, but you can’t be too fussy when literally everything is disabled or turned to the lowest setting possible.


    • I’ve got a 5900x / 3090 pc and while it’s not…. bad or unplayable, there’s def some weird not quite smooth thing going on at 4k Ultra Graphics 120hz. I’m used to fast refresh rates now so when they’re not silky smooth, I notice it. I’ve played a bit through it and while it’s playable, it’s annoying and after reading up on the issues (bad port / denouvuvoovovuo causing stuttering) I’m thinking I should’ve got it on my ps5 instead…..

      • The “mixed” reviews are putting me off buying it personally. But yeah does seem poorly optimised plus good ol Denuvo doing its thing. Having said that I did see one review that was upset because they were “only” getting 80-90 frames a second which made me laugh

    • The store page says, “Update your graphics drivers!” Some folks are saying it’s denuvo-related microstutters.

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