Move Aside, Met Gala: Destiny 2 Is Getting A ‘Digital Fashion Magazine’

Move Aside, Met Gala: Destiny 2 Is Getting A ‘Digital Fashion Magazine’
Guardian, do Zavala proud and style all over the enemy forces. (Image: Bungie)

Bungie has announced its relentlessly popular multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 is getting something new. No, not another seasonal event, or a balance patch to screw up your favourite gun, but something far more important. The looter-shooter is getting a digital fashion magazine called Threads of Light, in which players will be able to show off their guardians’ best drip.

In a tweet, Bungie said the magazine would be “celebrating our community’s creativity and showcasing the best guardian fashion styles.”

Sadly, the announcement tweet’s embedded video only teased the upcoming magazine and gave no further information as to how players can submit images of their guardians or when the “digital magazine” is projected to be released.

If you’re anything like me (and I know I am) and you’re champing at the bit to see the fashionistas of Destiny 2 style on each other, I recommend you check out the /r/DestinyFashion subreddit. The community is 176,000 members strong and they’ve been sharing striking snaps of Destiny’s most iconic fits since 2015.

There’s always been more to Destiny 2 than just shoot bangs and looting. Case in point, back in 2017 Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter wrote a great piece for Racked in which she showed how Destiny’s fashion alone is so powerful that it often keeps many members of the community coming back to the game.

A few months back, Destiny 2 pivoted toward making in-game fashion more accessible by changing shader items so that they were no longer consumables. And earlier this year, Bungie announced that shaders are permanent unlocks as of Season 14, and that players can customise their gear, guns, and sparrows with “one click.” Thank god, I no longer have to grind to make sure all my gear matches.

As someone who’s been a scrub about pushing their light level beyond 1,300 — I know, it’s called “power level” now but I want to keep that exclusive to Dragon Ball Z — I’ve aspired to be the Zoolander of Destiny by constantly cycling through my most eye-catching gear while I play with friends. Destiny’s fashion has always deserved wider recognition, so I’m happy Bungie is finally acknowledging this fact as well.

If one thing’s for certain, us Hunters are gonna sweep the fashion magazine with our Met Gala-level elegance just like we did during the Guardian Games. Keep that statue clean for us, Titans and Warlocks.

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