New Nintendo Switch Pokémon Will Have Bits That Look Kinda Like A Game Boy

New Nintendo Switch Pokémon Will Have Bits That Look Kinda Like A Game Boy
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl got a new trailer Tuesday morning, showing off all kinds of neat new details. For example, there will be an improved Pokétch utility watch, Pokémon hangout parks, and surfing Bidoofs. It also sounds like all those pesky HMs present in the original games won’t be a bother this time around. God bless.

While the most noticeable thing about the Switch Diamond and Pearl remakes is the new and somewhat controversial chibi art-style, The Pokémon Company has slowly been revealing other more subtle changes to the 2007 DS games. On that front, the latest trailer doesn’t disappoint:

Here are the quick bullet points:

  • Retro-looking Pokétch
  • On demand Hidden Moves
  • Pokémon park in Amity Square
  • Solo Poffin cooking

The biggest highlight is the new and improved Pokétch, the Poké-verse’s equivalent of the smart watch. On the DS version of Diamond and Pearl it was on the devices’ second screen. Here it will be a pull up menu rendered in the pale nostalgic green of the original Game Boy.

In addition to telling time, performing calculations, counting steps, and all that jazz, it will also let you summon Pokémon from the wild. These wild critters will perform Hidden Moves like Cut and Strength to remove obstacles whenever you need. Now instead of hauling your own Bidoof around to carry you across water you can simply summon one from the wild.

Gif: The Pokémon CompanyGif: The Pokémon Company

The new Amity Square park is the other main attraction. Players will be able to bring up to six Pokémon from a pre-approved list into the garden, play around with them, and do photoshoots and video recordings with new options for changing angles and zooming in. The park is also where players will cook up Poké-snacks called Poffins to increase their traits for Super Contest Shows. Previously, this was a multiplayer affair at the Poffin House. Now players will be able to do it alone at the park. Newer games have also allowed you to congregate with your monsters in a shared area, but the compendium was much different.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 19.


  • IDK why you’re fixating on the aesthetics of the Pokétch so much when original game had that. The Pokétch was always displayed on the bottom screen and had a variety of applications. The one in the remake is almost completely identical to the one in the original game. It’s not a “retro game boy throwback”, reflective LCD technology was still very much in use on digital watches in 2007.

    • yeah, because all those digital watches were just wannabe gameboys cashing in on gameboy nostalgia. everyone knows that.

  • Not gonna lie, I am stupidly excited about this one. Lots of fond memories of mixing poffins on the bus on the way to work.

    I may have already started loading my Pokemon Home box with game exclusive ‘Mon from Pokemon Go…

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