New World Players Face Massive Queues, Wait Times On Overloaded Servers

New World Players Face Massive Queues, Wait Times On Overloaded Servers
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Amazon’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World opened its doors earlier today, reaching a peak of over 700,000 players. That said, not even Jeff Bezos’ piggy bank has kept the MMO’s grand debut from being plagued with the usual launch day woes, including ridiculous wait times to just play the game.

New World individual server capacity is currently capped at 2,000 players which, when multiplied by the 233 global servers, means as many as 466,000 users should be able to play Amazon’s MMO at the same time. With new-game interest pushing the user count hundreds of thousands of players above what is currently feasible, however, folks who log into the game are now running headfirst into crowds of their fellow, aspiring adventurers.

Social media, as always the village square for these types of calamities, is currently inundated with screenshots showing queues thousands, sometimes tens of thousands deep.

“I’m 16, but I will pass my queue position to my children one day so hopefully they can play on Hallheim,” joked one Reddit user, referencing a European server hit particularly hard by capacity issues.

An unofficial website tracking New World data calculates that these bottlenecks might lead to wait times of up to 212 hours on some servers — that’s over a week, by the way — if player numbers hold. And while these figures likely indicate a possible threshold rather than an unavoidable reality, it’s still surprising that online games continue to deal with these issues.

“We understand that some players are experiencing lengthy queue times and we are working hard on a few things to help address these issues,” reads a developer update on the official New World website. “We are continuing to stand up additional servers and will expand the capacity of our existing servers once we have properly tested these changes.”

Amazon also promises that players will be able to switch servers for free over the next two weeks, a service for which other online games often charge a small fee.

Servers dramatically failing to meet demand is nothing new in the world of MMOs. Earlier this year, a massive influx of players to Final Fantasy XIV prompted an apology from producer Naoki Yoshida over the amount of time users were forced to wait to play. Even so, one expects a little better from a corporation with Amazon’s expansive infrastructure and seemingly limitless resources.


  • If only New Worlds developer had a business relationship with a company that owned a lot of servers. 😛

    So why did they sell more copies than they had capacity for… its a 17 year old mistake that keeps repeating itself.

  • I never understand how all these MMO’s, regardless of what company develops it, fail so hard on launch day? They have the numbers of pre-orders, pre-downloads etc, so why not be ready with the appropriate number of servers THEN instead of after?? I remember Wildstar’s horrific launch, my wife and I were there for the launch, unable to get in because of the huge queues and then as we got closer to the front, the game started to have connectivity issues, then when we FINALLY got in, lag issues of course because the servers were woefully overloaded, all the while, you go to their twitter page and there are pictures of them celebrating and popping champagne, what they called a wildly successful launch, completely oblivious to the hundreds of tweets of players yelling at them to take notice of the issues the servers were having and fix them. Wildstar is of course dead now, after less then a year. I guess that launch should have been a warning.

    • Sales aren’t always an indicator since there will be player drop off and emptier servers they’ll be stuck paying for after launch. Then again, it’s Amazon so who cares? It’s not like they don’t have loads of servers to plug in if they need capacity.

    • It’s a little bit more complicated than just having more servers, no amount of car parks will matter if everyone’s trying to get through the entrance at the same time.
      To make matters worse, there’s little you can do to fix either problem while everyone’s gridlocked and the problems only become apparent during the traffic jam.
      The reason most people don’t hire extra short term servers is cost and even if you did go that angle, you will eventually have the same and similar problems when you inevitably begin shutting down/merging servers.

      In saying that though, if there was a company you would expect to break the mould it’s bloody Amazon.
      (It’s a bit ironic too since their often the company many people suggest when an MMO launch runs in to server issues which has me wondering if they’re even capable or they not willing to take a hit on their own infamously expensive top end services)

  • Clicked the button exactly on go time last night, and I was playing within 30 min (I probably took a bit too long customising my character). My start position was 1095, and things progressed pretty quickly. A friend who showed up half and hour later started at 3960 and didn’t get on last night.

    Apart from capacity, it was pretty flawless. Played lag free all night with no server issues and the competition for mobs and resources was far, far better than launch day for a WoW expansion (though the sea of campfires outside Everfall was hilarious.

    Launch day capacity is always tricky for games to navigate. If you have enough capacity that everyone plays on day one you end up with ghost downs on day 21 when the hype has quieted. That could probably be handled with server merges (Utopia 1, 2 & 3 merged in Utopia on day 30?) though admittedly I have little idea of the logistics of doing that.

    All up a pretty enjoyable first session.

  • Interesting factor in the server issues is that a lot of streamers got into the game, and the moment they told their viewers which server they picked, the server queues blew out on those servers.

    2000 server capacity doesn’t fit well with streamers who have over that many subscribers and 100 times that in followers.

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