The Essential Accessories For Improving Your Nintendo Switch

The Essential Accessories For Improving Your Nintendo Switch
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I don’t think anyone would argue against the statement that the Nintendo Switch is a great console. However, there are a few upgrades you can give to make it that extra bit greater, from increasing its internal storage to using a more comfortable controller.

Whether you keep your Nintendo Switch in its dock at all times, or it never leaves your side when you’re out and about, here are a few accessories that will add something extra to its quality of life and playability.

Try a different Nintendo Switch controller

8BitDo Pro 2 controller – $78.88

Now, you might have no problems with holding the Joy Cons in each hand or slotting them into the controller frame that comes with the console. More power to you, but I prefer something more traditional and sturdy when playing games.

Thankfully, Nintendo has the Switch Pro Controller, which I find to be a more comfortable experience than using the Joy Cons.

If you want something a bit cheaper, the 8BitDo Pro 2 controller is a great alternative. It’s as comfortable and responsive as a Pro controller, but at a more affordable price tag. Some might even say it’s the best controller for the Nintendo Switch. The 8BitDo Pro 2 can also double as a Bluetooth controller for your PC, so you can get some extra use there too.

As an added bonus, these controllers are also a good way to avoid the dreaded Joy Con drift.

Maximise your Nintendo Switch’s portability

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Orzly Carry Case – $21.99

If you’re a big fan of playing your Switch on the go, then you know how important it is to have a durable, protective case for it. If you’ve somehow managed to not buy a storage case yet, you really should make the investment. I know a guy who just tosses his Switch into his bag, uncovered. Just thinking about that stresses me out.

This storage case is big enough to hold your Nintendo Switch, two sets of extra Joy Cons, up to 8 games, and whatever extra accessories you need to bring along. There’s plenty of padding too, so it’ll survive any potentially dire knocks.

If you’re travelling with your Switch and are a bit strapped for space, you might opt to leave the console’s bulky dock behind and just play it in handheld mode. If you do want to hook your Switch up to a TV, this USB-C Hub adapter will get you the same results of plugging it into the dock, while taking up considerably less space.

If you’re fine with just playing your Switch in handheld mode, you can keep its battery charged with a portable AC Adapter.

Increase your Nintendo Switch’s storage

Image: Nintendo

Despite being a fairly recent console, the Nintendo Switch’s internal storage is only a disappointing 32GB. While Nintendo has bumped up the storage of the upcoming OLED Switch to 64GB, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Having to figure out which games you want to delete to make space is always an annoying slog. This is an easily fixed problem.

As far as Nintendo Switch accessories go, I’d say a micro SD card is the most essential. For less than $50 you can give your Nintendo Switch’s storage a massive bump up with this 256GB Samsung EVO Plus micro SD card. That should be more than enough to meet your storage needs.

Other Nintendo Switch accessories

nintendo switch accessories
Mumba Protective Grip Nintendo Switch Case – $30.99

If you want an extra layer of protection for your Switch, grabbing a pack of screen protectors will help you to avoid any unfortunate scratches. These transparent tempered glass protectors are thick enough to resist damage but thin enough that they won’t diminish the console’s visibility or touch features.

This Nintendo Switch case gives you something sturdier to grip onto when playing in handheld mode while providing a bit of extra cushioning if you just happen to drop your console.

If you’re someone who thrives on aesthetics and personalising your gaming consoles, you might be interested in picking up a skin for your Nintendo Switch. Most Nintendo Switch skins, like this Animal Crossing one, are just sticker decals that can cover your console, dock and Joy Cons.


  • I second getting a Switch Pro controller. The JoyCons are trash to use, even if you use the doggy (Not a typo, the controller looks like a lopsided dog face) controller frame. I would also recommend staying well away from the cheap Nintendo game themed wired controllers you can get too. I started out with one of those and within a few months it was drifting as much an Initial D episode and became completely useless. Haven’t had any issues with the Pro controller.

  • Can we please get direct links, not these “dodgy” ‘skimresource’ links please?
    And I say dodgy, because they are being blocked on my system as trackers, and it’s preventing them from resolving.

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