Nvidia Broadcast Won’t Hog Your GPU As Much Now

Nvidia Broadcast Won’t Hog Your GPU As Much Now
Image: Nvidia

The AI-powered Nvidia Broadcast is great — provided it works with your gear. But as of today, the tool is getting a lot better.

One of the biggest kickers with Nvidia Broadcast, which leverages the AI cores on Nvidia-compatible GPUs for automated noise reduction and post-processing effects like green screens and background removal, is that it’s a bit of a hog. Not only does the program use a ton of memory — around a gigabyte of RAM when everything’s at full blast — but the effects can also have a pretty hefty impact to your frame rate.

From today, your frames will be a little more free. Version 1.3 of Nvidia Broadcast — which, honestly, everyone should use just to minimise the noise from your goddamn keyboards on mic — reduces VRAM usage on your GPU by over 40 percent, making life easier for anyone who wants to run effects across their microphone, speakers and camera all at once.

More video devices are now supported by Nvidia Broadcast, too. Before it was relatively limited, but now you can apply Nvidia Broadcast’s green screen-style effects, auto frame and background replacement to Nikon, Sony and Canon webcam sources, as well as OBS Virtual Camera.

The AI denoising algorithm has also been updated to better deal with instances of higher pitched voice. This was basically for moments where you might be cheering, screaming or screeching — imagine a particularly tense or exciting in-game moment. The AI could occasionally cut out your voice altogether during those moments, and Nvidia says the latest update should rectify that from happening.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

  • Improved quality of audio background removal, now with enhanced support for emotive speech (e.g. screaming while you broadcast horror games)
  • VRAM Optimization when both audio and video effects are run together. Should reduce VRAM usage by ~40%.
  • Improved input device support for DirectShow to support high quality cameras and virtual cameras. The following should now be supported:
    • Canon EOS Webcam Utility
    • Nikon Webcam Utility
    • Sony Webcam Utility
    • OBS Virtual Camera
    • Wuta-Cam App (Mainland China only)
  • UI polishing and bug fixing

To upgrade to the latest version, head to the Nvidia Broadcast download page.

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