Psychonauts 2 Hides An Mpreg Secret By The Creator of Adventure Time

Psychonauts 2 Hides An Mpreg Secret By The Creator of Adventure Time
Screenshot: Double Fine / Rock Paper Shotgun

Letting Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward near your project is always going to be a risk. For Double Fine and the recently released Psychonauts 2, that collaboration appears to have resulted in a crudely animated Easter egg in which, well, central character Raz is pregnant.

As quirky young gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun so diligently recorded, once you’ve completed Psychonauts 2 you can return to the ‘Hollis’ Hot Streak’ level, go into the maternity ward, travel through the mental connection nodes to the tunnel entrance, and then… wait for it… telekinetically throw a giant pen into the “WARD” sign on the roulette machine. Geddit? Pen… Ward… No? No, nor me either.

(No one tell them they left the cursor in the middle of the screen for half of it. That would be rude, given we’re just pasting all their hard work.)

Yes indeed, a storyboard-esque animation, with character voices seemingly all provided by one P. Ward, where preggers Raz is being rushed through a hospital.

“Why am I pregnant?” Raz wails to the game’s main cast, all pushing his trolley.

“There’s no time Raz,” replies Agent Sasha, “Lobato’s consciousness is about to erupt out of your psychic uterus!”

Agent Ford then demands clown make up from Mia, while Sasha implores Raz to kiss a piglet’s “behind.”

Then the whole team, now wearing clown make up and clutching armfuls of piglets, burst through a door and Raz’s baby — seemingly a pig in a shower cap — flies through the air. The clip ends with the game’s title on screen, beneath which written in pen is, “Pregnant Raz opening is a great idea!”

“lol, I cannot confirm or deny the existence of any easter eggs with [sic] may or may not exist and may or may not involve well known animator Pendleton Ward,” tweeted Double Fine’s Heather Alexandra (late of this parish), last night.

We’ve reached out for comment anyway, and will let you know if we hear back.

For those old and confused, “mpreg” is young-people talk for creations where male characters are pregnant. In this case, that would be 10 year old child human Raz. CUE OUTRAGE. Or as Redditors received it, “Ahh. Of course. Psychonauts 2 Mpreg. Exactly what I expected.”

It seems the egg was discovered a couple of weeks ago, with YouTuber Yizura one of the first to upload it. But the gaming press is made of old, confused people, so we bring you this news today.

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