Runescape Fans Stage Protests, Jagex Reverses Controversial Modding Decision

Runescape Fans Stage Protests, Jagex Reverses Controversial Modding Decision

Only 24 hours ago, we reported on a decision Runescape developers Jagex made that saw a major mod blocked from release just hours before it had been due to go live. That decision led to protests among the community so severe they spread in-game.

In the wake of those protests, Jagex have quickly reversed course. In a statement posted on the game’s official site, the developers now say:

Yesterday we aimed to clarify our stance on third-party HD clients and other projects that seek to radically change the visual appearance of the game.

We hear your feedback loud and clear and we’ve been discussing that feedback all day and, while discussions continue, we absolutely intend to act on it.

Our conversations today have also included 117Scape and Adam from RuneLite and we are actively exploring options on how we can work together to offer 117Scape’s plug-in as a bridge until our own version is ready for release.

That last idea, with Runelite HD acting as a “bridge” between the present and Jagex’s own HD release sometime in the future, was actually brought up by Runelite HD’s creator 117 just yesterday, when they said Jagex had “declined outright” the exact same offer. Amazing what a little community pressure can do.

Of course this being 2021 on the internet not all the community pressure was civil, with Jagex’s statement adding:

We perfectly understand that you all have a voice in Old School, and that voice, at times, can be one of frustration regarding the decisions we make. Be assured that we always welcome your feedback, whether good or bad. We don’t always get it right, we are only human, and now we are rectifying our approach.

That said, we have sadly seen unacceptable levels of abuse toward individual staff members on social media in the last 24-hours, which we will not tolerate. This team is filled to the brim with people of passion. Please try to remember that behind the crowns there are real people trying to do their best for the game and its community.

Runelite HD creator 117 posted the following on their Twitter in the wake of the announcement:

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