Sit The F*** Down, There’s Peppa Pig Gameplay

Sit The F*** Down, There’s Peppa Pig Gameplay
Image: Bandai Namco (YouTube)

Now this is the next-gen exclusive we’ve all been waiting for.

I’m still processing how exactly the same publisher behind Dark Souls, Elden Ring and just about every major JRPG with fan service ended up with the license for one of the world’s biggest franchises for literal infants. But hey, at least someone is giving Peppa Pig the video game treatment.

It was announced earlier this year, and Thursday afternoon Australian time Bandai announced that it’d be hitting consoles and PC on October 22. 

To go along with it, there’s a trailer with some actual gameplay footage. And I can already see this being a hit on Twitch for a little while. Because hey, how many Peppa Pig games are there in the world?

Plus, it actually does look really adorable.

My Friend Peppa Pig is retailing for about $69 at most major retailers, although the very rural DVDLand will you do a solid and sell you the PS4 edition for $59.95. So far, all we know is that people will be able to create a custom character, talk to Peppa Pig stars, visit the beach, Potato City, Forest, and you can ring Peppa’s doorbell like you’re hitting the appeal button in Super International Cricket.

Maybe. I might have made that last part up.


  • I hate Peppa Pig but my son adores the show and is coming leaps and bounds in gaming, I think I know what I’m getting him for Christmas.

  • My daughter is 2.5 y/o and loves Peppa but is she really coordinated enough to actually play this on console or PC? I thought she’s still just mashing things… and by the time she can use a controller, wouldn’t she have graduated to softly more mature kids shows eg Bluey?

    • Typo: slightly more mature kids shows. She’s nearly 2.5 if it matters. I’m still learning how these kids development things work!

      • Everyone’s different! But I know my brother and I worked out how to play MicroProse simulators and a whole mix of things when we were at the same age. Even if the family has to control proceedings, that could still be fun!

      • Time and patience man.

        I started my 3 year old on Astros and legos games, he spent a couple of weeks not being to do anything and then all of a sudden he found his stride, it’s crazy to watch how fast kids pick things up.

      • If you sit there with her and show her she’ll likely work it out. I’ve seen a lot of toddlers hammering their way through iPad games without any real effort.

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