Hey Look, Todd Howard’s Final Form: Skyrim Curtains

Hey Look, Todd Howard’s Final Form: Skyrim Curtains

Well, the Skyrim ports start coming and they don’t stop coming — Bethesda really is hitting the ground running. In a recent trademark filing spotted by GameSpot, it appears the company is expanding its Skyrim-themed offerings once again. This time around, it’s not for any console though. No, this time Skyrim is travelling into the wild world of textiles.

The new trademark, filed with the USPTO, lists a range of new products currently in the works at Bethesda including:

“Towels; Blanket throws; Curtains; Pillow covers; Pillowcases; Textile wall hangings; Baby blankets; Banners and flags of textile; Bed blankets; Canvas for tapestry or embroidery; Children’s blankets; Nylon flags”

The products are listed as ‘first used’ in 2017, but it appears the trademark filing was only lodged in September 2021. The reasons for this are unclear, but there could be some element of Bethesda protecting its brand following viral products such as the recent Skyrim “opening cutscene” pillow.

It’s also very likely the filing pertains to new products planned to launch alongside the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Xbox Series X, PS5 and other consoles. This edition of the game is yet another port, but for the first time ever it’s set to add a brand new in-game feature: fishing!

If fishing is enough to get you buying another copy of Skyrim, then you might just be the kind of person who also wants to share your love for the game within your home decor.

While it’s unlikely every product listed will actually come to fruition (generally, these listings are as broad as possible to cover all bases), any of them would make great additions to your home.

Skyrim curtains could show your neighbours your true romance, Skyrim blankets would let you sleep with all your favourite characters, and those flags would be mighty good pitched outside your home.

They’ll let you tell the world you love Skyrim, and you don’t care who knows.

So far, none of the above products have been released just yet (and the filing has yet to be approved) but expect an influx of new official Skyrim goodies in the near future as Bethesda quadruples down on its most successful game release ever.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is set to release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on November 11.

Stay tuned for news on those blankets, curtains and pillows following the game’s launch.

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