Sony Seems Ready To Start Leaving The PS4 Behind

Sony Seems Ready To Start Leaving The PS4 Behind
God of War Ragnarok may be one of the final big cross-gen PlayStation games. (Screenshot: Sony)

Despite radio silence regarding a full-length Astro’s Playroom, Sony’s spring showcase was nothing if not a success. But between the splashy trailers and genuinely surprising announcements, one thing was clear: Sony seems poised to leave PlayStation 4 owners behind.

Of the 18 games shown off yesterday, nine are currently listed as PS5-only releases. (Some, including spiffed up versions of GTA V, Uncharted 4, and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, are also coming to PC.) But just seven — of which six we’ve seen before — are coming out for both PS4 and PS5.

Breaking it down, these games are coming to both PS4 and PS5:

And the following are planned as PS5-only:

  • Arkane’s Deathloop, which comes out next week, and which we’ve seriously seen enough of already, I’m sold, just let me play the damn game!
  • A Wolverine game from Insomniac. No release date or window.
  • Spider-Man 2, also from Insomniac, planned for 2023.
  • A remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the most adored RPGs of all time.
  • Project Eve, an action game that eludes easy explanation but nonetheless looks bananas.
  • Forspoken, which you may remember was announced a million years ago as Project Athia, comes out in the spring.
  • The horror-action game Ghostwire: Tokyo still doesn’t have a release date but, despite speculation that it’d release across generations, PlayStation says it’s PS5-only.
  • The fantasy-themed battle royale Bloodhunt.
  • Not totally sure if this counts as a game or not, but Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia, whatever the heck it ends up being, will be PS5-only.

Of course, Sony has historically played coy with this stuff. Before the PS5 officially hit the market last November, there was some uncertainty over whether or not Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales would come out on PS4. (It did.) And it wasn’t always clear if two of the platform’s marquee exclusives — Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok — would launch across generations, as well. (They are.) So, yes, there’s always the chance that Sony releases any of these PS5-only games on PS4 too.

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But that seems a scant possibility. Many of yesterday’s showcased games are coming out several years into the console generation, at a point where “next-gen” may no longer be an applicable term. By then, players will expect more: better visuals, cooler features, more, more, more. It’s not that mind-blowing games can’t come out for both PS4 and PS5. But the games truly pushing the technological envelope have, so far, come out on the console with more horsepower, unburdened from having to come out on an older, lower-powered machine.

Question for the room: If you’ve been hunting for a PS5, how’s that going?


  • Shit I’ve been ready since late 2020, but the limited stock of PS5 keep stopping me & everyone else from moving on…

    • I read somewhere that the chip shortage is only going to get worse and could affect all electronics from cars to consoles, as a consequence manufacturing could slow to a crawl or even stop all together sometime next year.

  • Every PS5 exclusive is money lost to them and the game publisher/developer- there simply isn’t enough of the consoles out in the wild to warrant exclusivity and until they fix the supply issue (which apparently isn’t going away any time soon) not putting out the games on last gen is just losing millions of potential sales.

    Personally what i would be doing is the opposite of what they are doing currently – i would include a digital PS4 version of the game in every PS5 launch copy – that way it wont affect launch sales and then after the initial “launch” or “deluxe” edition you can simply stop providing the codes and just sell regular editions of the game.

  • I am personally ready for MS to do the same.. XBone owners will even be able to stream games (it actually doesn’t work half bad with xcloud in beta on an older Samsung S8 when I try it).

    Given that Sony is saying the PS5 is outselling the PS4, meaning MORE PS5 consoles are out there than PS4s at the same time, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that they hold onto the PS4 longer than they held onto the PS3. I mean, we are going to be almost 2 YEARS into the life cycle before these games come out in 2022, so yeah.. let’s move on shall we?

    • “Given that Sony is saying the PS5 is outselling the PS4”

      Well no shit lol, They stopped manufacturing PS4’s. Naturally a device they stop manufacturing will sell less volume than one they do.

      “meaning MORE PS5 consoles are out there than PS4s at the same time”

      Patently false. 115.9 million units approx ps4 have been sold over its lifetime, Wheras ps5 has only sold 10 million. It is impossible for there to be more ps5 consoles out there than ps4 consoles

      ” it doesn’t make a lot of sense that they hold onto the PS4 longer than they held onto the PS3 ”

      It makes perfect sense, The ps4 has a much larger userbase than the ps5. If you make a game ps5 only you are limiting yourself to an audience of 10 million vs 100 million+

      • You misunderstand what I am saying. Sony has stated that the PS5 has outsold the PS4 during the same timeframe. The PS5 is at 10 million (2020-2021), whilst the PS4 sold around 7.5 million in its first fiscal year (being 2014-2015).

        At the tale end of 2014 (and looking into 2015) Sony wasn’t releasing a lot of PS3 titles. That’s the point I was making.

        Yes, there are more PS4s out there right now, but there were more PS3s out there in 2015 (2 years after PS4 came out) but no one was expecting them to continue cross support then. Why now?

  • It is pretty interesting to see everyone’s perspectives on this because, isn’t that essentially Nintendo’s strategy with fairly successful results so far??

    • Nintendo’s strategy is ‘kill the current system dead the moment the follow up is announced’

      Or at least it was that way with the Wii U -> Switch to the point that their abandoment of supporting Devs that were working on Wii U titles at the time caused various KS Wii U versions to die.

      • To be fair, they did release BOTW at launch for Wii U. And they did bring out LoZTP for Gamecube at launch.

        Then proceeded to kill both systems dead, although there’s a fair argument for both consoles that first party releases besides the big crossgen respective Zelda titles were on life support, comatose & barely alive for 6-12 months prior though. But not killed until dem Zeldas dropped. It’s like waiting for the day after a huge Christmas filled with presents to abandon your children in the woods.

  • Apart from the fact that all their ps5 gameplay videos looked like ps4 games with an extra layer of paint, yeah okay. Sony was screaming that every game is ps5 only from day one of marketing for the ps5 and they backfilled in that pretty quickly.

    God of war is literally the same game. I’m sure it will be awesome but whole “next gen” look isn’t there. If Microsoft did that they would be murdered.

    They are bloody lucky they make awesome games because their massaging, lies, marketing, money gouging techniques are so bad you’d swear they’re trying to not be liked

  • It wasn’t worded well, but I think he meant the PS5 is selling FASTER than the PS4 at the same point in its life cycle, which Sony has officially announced with their last official sales update. MS have said the same re: Series/any previousXB , though that was after the launch, and quite a few months ago, and the S/X ratio wasn’t specified.

    Tangentially the thing that irks me about the whole “leaving last gen behind”, Sony basically said they were re:first party AAA , 12 months ago. Sony’s past statements re:crossgen/we believe in generations, followed by the HZD and GOW2 (among others) PS4 announcements, were framed by Sony “suddenly” realising they weren’t going to sell 100 million PS5s in 12 months? Really? They’ve sold quicker than PS4 but they only just went “damn we’ve got 100 million PS4s out there, we better make some of these games crossgen!” This isn’t their first BBQ, they’re well aware of how many they can produce a month – and even with COVID/chip shortages, did they anticipate they could produce 2x as many, let alone 7-8 x?

    Disingenuous at best, outright BS trolling their competitors as well as their own customers – at worst.

    • Woops. Above post was meant as a reply to Djbears response to Pablo77, but I’m terrible and posted it in the wrong place.

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