Splitgate’s Big Update: Mantling, Plus Other Quality Of Life Tweaks

Splitgate’s Big Update: Mantling, Plus Other Quality Of Life Tweaks

Developer 1047 Games has rolled out a massive update for its popular Portal shooter Splitgate. The patch introduces several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as well as adding two important adjustments to make the game a little easier to play: the option to change the armour colour of friends and foes, and the ability to mantle over objects.

If you’ve played Splitgate prior to this update, you’re probably keenly aware of how difficult it can be to see people. Whether you’re sprinting through Lavawell or jetpacking across Stadium, enemy visibility isn’t that great, particularly because the default colours (blue for allies, red for enemies) are ubiquitous colours in the game. Someone like me, who developed a progressively deteriorating eyesight condition called keratoconus, can have a hard time differentiating between the background and the foreground, especially when the colours are the same.

But with this update, you can freely change the colours of your friends and your foes. By diving into the game’s settings menu, you can adjust the colour of armour and the outlines you see through walls using literally any colour on the RGB scale. The below gif is a perfect illustration of how easy it is to make these adjustments:

Another important feature 1047 Games added to Splitgate is mantling. Yes, the game has jetpacks, so mantling can seem a little redundant when you can simply boost over obstacles. But there are a few objects too high for even your thrusters to get you over, which is where the mantling feature comes in. Also toggleable in the game’s settings menu, mantling operates like an additional boost when you approach any ledge, effectively letting you retain momentum without disrupting gunplay with some trite climbing animation. It’s just a seamless transition.

This September update brings several other improvements to Splitgate as well. The Karman Station map, which was prone to crashing, has been fixed and returns to the normal rotation. There’s a new “Quick Play” playlist that combines casual and rumble modes like Splitball and Team Deathmatch. And the newest mode, Contamination, an asymmetrical game type similar to Call of Duty’s Infected in which one zombie player must infect the humans, received some tweaks to things like points, notifications, and voice lines.

Though this is a pretty substantial update for the arena shooter, 1047 Games recently said Splitgate is only roughly 25% complete. The studio raised $US100 ($138) million in September to help with server congestion and expand the game.

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