Square Enix PS5 Showcase Forspoken Is Starting To Look Like A Real Game

Square Enix PS5 Showcase Forspoken Is Starting To Look Like A Real Game

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase revealed a new trailer for Forspoken that gave a closer look at the story of Luminous Productions’ debut action-adventure.

In Forspoken, actor Ella Balinska of Charlie’s Angels fame plays protagonist Frey, a headstrong 21-year-old New Yorker. From the early moments in the trailer, Frey appears to be having a hard-knock life, but it’s only about to get rougher as she gets teleported from the streets of Holland Tunnel to the fantasy world of Athia.

The beasts that await Frey in Athia are less like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz and more like what one might expect to find in The Witcher 3. Luckily for Frey, she has some newfound magical powers at her disposal as well as the help of Cuff, a sentient magical bracelet. Cuff looks like he will serve as a guide, giving the lowdown on the magical world Frey finds herself in as well as a means with which she can harness her magical powers.

Forspoken will also feature Janina Gavankar, who portrayed Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront II, as Tanta Silaha, an Athian dictator who looks like she’ll serve as the game’s main antagonist / nasty boss character.

The new trailer gives a much better idea of how the game will look and play than the original reveal video did last June, when the game was known as Project Athia. A PlayStation 5 console exclusive (it will also hit PC) Forspoken looks like it’s going to show off just how much the PlayStation 5 can do. The new footage showed Frey traversing rooftops, fighting a myriad of monsters, and using her newfound elemental powers, all at breakneck speed.

Forspoken is coming from many of the same developers who worked on Final Fantasy XV, and I like that it seems to be trying to be uniquely its own thing. As more details emerge, we’ll get a better sense of how it compares to some of the other high-end action-adventure games headed to the fancy new(ish) hardware.

Forspoken is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC in autumn 2022.

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