Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Gets PS5 Remake

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Gets PS5 Remake
Screenshot: Aspyr

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is getting a PS5 remake by Aspyr, the studio recently responsible for porting other classic BioWare RPGs to mobile.

Here’s the short teaser Sony showed during today’s PS5 showcase:

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic was originally released in 2004 as an Xbox exclusive developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts. The game expanded on the Star Wars universe by telling stories about its distant past using RPG mechanics from the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop games. It was amazing then and it still holds up today. Time will tell just how ambitiously the game is overhauled and remade on PS5.

Known for porting Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and dozens of other games, Aspyr Media was acquired earlier this year by Embracer Group, the corporate blob that also owns THQ Nordic, Gearbox, and a number of other studios and publishing labels. The KOTOR remake will be Aspyr’s first new game.

AU Editor’s Note: A PlayStation blog post released after the showcase notes that the KOTOR Remake will be “a console exclusive” for PS5 at launch.


  • Here’s to hoping that they keep the character customization that the original had rather than the ‘canon’ male Revan that they introduced in the novels and SWTOR. I always played it with the female MC going full Sith.

    • God I hope so, characters like Revan and Jaden Korr did just fine as canon characters while being customisable in the games.

    • We couldn’t even play the canon storyline in KOTOR 2, since Handmaiden was meant to be the canonical companion to the female Exile, not the Disciple. Here’s hoping if they do the second one that that shitshow gets fixed up.

  • I only got to play KOTOR 2 back in the day, so I’m actually super pumped to play a remake of the first game and finally have that experience.

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