The Stardew Valley Board Game Is Available For Preorder In Australia

The Stardew Valley Board Game Is Available For Preorder In Australia
Image: ConcernedApe

When the Stardew Valley Board Game was announced in early 2021, fans were excited — and then they were frustrated. Because while the game looked fantastic, it turned out creator ConcernedApe would only be shipping copies to the United States. While some chose to use overseas shipping and payment services to have the board game brought to Australia, the runaround meant many Australians without funding missed out.

But in great news for patient fans, you now have another opportunity to preorder the game in Australia.

In its second wave run, the Stardew Valley Board Game will ship to Australian retailers across the country including EB Games, Zing Pop Culture and specialist board game stores like Gameology and Good Games.

It ranges from $85.50 to $104.95, depending on the retailer. But given the state of global board game shipping, it’s actually not too bad. It’s also much cheaper and easier to nab importing from overseas.

So if you’re looking for your next board game adventure, this is a game you can now definitively add to your ‘to play’ pile.

stardew valley board game
Image: ConcernedApe

The Stardew Valley board game is a gorgeous co-op farming sim where you attempt to defeat the evil JojaMart Corporation by farming, fishing and collecting items as you meet new friends and discover every part of Stardew Valley solo or with mates.

According to early reviews from those lucky few who were able to nab the game when it first released, it is a fairly difficult game to win but regardless, it looks gorgeous and would fit well on any board game shelf.

Sure, you shouldn’t buy every good-looking board game that comes out, but Stardew Valley is an absolute delight and the board game adaptation should be just as wholesome, colourful and fun as its source material.

The game is currently set to release in February 2022 and is expected to be very popular.

Given the global shipping situation and major delays across the entire board game network we may see a delay ahead of this timeframe, but Q1 2022 is still a pretty safe bet. Stay safe, stay patient, and the Stardew Valley board game will be here before you know it.

If you’d like a copy, it’s a good idea to preorder it now as the first wave ended up selling out.


  • The Shut Up & Sit Down review of this makes it sound _punishing._ Which is a shame because the art is beautiful and the source material is so chill.

    • I’ve heard it’s suuuuper hard, which is disappointing – but I reckon there’ll be some gameplay settings you can tweak/ignore to make it a bit more manageable. I’m not opposed to a lil bit of cheating if it makes a game more fun.

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