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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku Aussie readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here and you’ll find a friend.


      • Yeah, came to chime in with the same complaint. Stealth ads that look like stories to click is a really shitty move.

        I get that you guys personally can’t do anything about it, but this is the only forum we have to register our dislike. Please send a bag of off prawns to the ad company for us.

      • Not quite… those ads are basically taking the spot of the old promoted articles.

        Which was fine because at least they were still articles from kotaku or the other gawker pages. Looks like someone flicked a switch to change them to actual ads or trash links

        Its bad anough getting those stupid big ads now we have these stealth ads which is just annoyingly egregious now. =/

    • Heck, I’m still missing reply notifications, edit buttons, spoiler tags, comment history. 😛 How long ago was the ‘upgrade’?

      But yeah, that change does tend to mean ‘desktop-browsing only’.

      • Sadly it looks like the only upgrade the site gets these days is on how they serve up the ads =P

        These reposts from other gawker pages with no way to comment is another pet peeve when i see something oh this is decent discussion.. oh wait no comments xD

        • Honestly, just blame me for that. That’s something I can fix (but I keep forgetting to check the button because it’s a tiny box buried among 1000 other checkboxes in our CMS). Sorry~~

      • All of this, plus my personal peeve – the auto play video in every story.

        If they were new videos, regularly updated, and even vaguely relevant to the current gaming world, they’d be great. But there’s a pool of about 10 of them, they’re all at least twelve months old, and they’re all currently labelled “Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”

        • Wow. Today I got a Back4Blood video. Actual up to date content!!

          Ok, it was labelled Aliens Fireteam Elite Gameplay, but at least it was new. I also got MMPOG Tycoon 2, Outer Worlds, Edge of Eternity Pt 2 and Untitled Goose Game videos, which were all also labelled Aliens Fireteam Elite Gameplay, so we’re not there yet, but baby steps.

          I sure do miss all that Legend of Zelda: Broken Sword action.

          • I’m glad ???? Somehow I knew it would be you uploading it, since most things I like on this site come down to you or Leah. Thank you for putting in the hard yards.

            Since posting it, I’ve also seen a Returnal video (Aliens Fireteam Elite Gamepay), but I haven’t yet seen the Aliens Fireteam Elite Gameplay video.

  • New week, new thread, and in a couple days, new month!

    GAMES! I’ve been struggling to keep up with all the new releases I wanna play. Game Pass has just been smashing it in terms of quality and breadth of genres, so I’ve added nearly a terabyte of installed games to flick between.

    It’s a weird feeling of conflict when it’s stuff I was totally gonna buy if it wasn’t on game pass. Like The Ascent, or Psychonauts 2. I dunno what share the devs get when you play it on game pass compared to if you buy it on Steam. Kinda feel like it has to be more on Steam, right? Surely. Not that I’m gonna go and buy a box copy of something I can play for my existing subscription. No $50 charity here…

    FYI, Myst remaster is amazing. I am so happy with it. I spent a big part of the games-playing time on my weekend re-visiting that.

  • Completely non gaming related….

    So I’ve fallen into the vtuber rabbit hole a while back and have rekindled my passion for j-music by getting buried into vSingers again. Just watched the TubeOut Fes vsinger festival top notch mix of talents spread over 3 concurrent streams/stages

    My brain is fried but damn its nice to go into a music event even if its virtual!

  • Started playing FFXIV a couple weeks ago, Up to stormblood atm. Such a breath of fresh air to play an MMO that respects your time and isnt just endgame. I truly might not ever go back to WoW, At least while the current dev team makes it.

    Really looking forward to Oceanic servers though. Because while playing as a WHM gives me instant queues, I also often get placed into groups where i have terrible latency.

    • Trying to play titan or anything that relies on quick reflexes is a pain. Unfortunately it might be a while yet as the capacitor shortage is hitting them hard.

  • I’ve been watching a ton of anime lately. Considering doing a write up on here for a couple. (i did mention it last tay, but it was right at the end)

    • That’s me! I’m a fan of that game! Well. There goes THAT game franchise as an idea for a reboot article.

      Man, that was some cool-ass dystopian shit. Child-like imagination did a LOT of the heavy lifting, but I revisited it not long ago with some mods and trainers to make the experience better on a modern PC capable of displaying multiple screens worth of the environments. Remember kicking trees for hearts? I do!

      God, I should go watch a longplay of that…

      • Has to be my favourite childhood game (or very close to). The world was just so immersive, with great characters and the soundtrack was immense. Really hope it actually happens!

  • So Discord recently launched their ‘Student Hub’ program. I thought it was just for universities, for which I signed onto my University’s student hub.

    When I wake up this morning, I discover that they’ve (as in official Discord system messages) sent me invites to hundreds of Aussie highschools’ student hubs. I don’t think Discord really thought this through – if they’ve sent me these invites, no-doubt they’ve sent them to other people as well. They’ve potentially exposed Aussie kids (u18’s) to malevolent individuals.

      • Just figured it out – I signed up using my old DoE email. The fault is mine, but still, Discord’s Student Hubs were advertised to Universities and Colleges. No indication was given that they would be targeted towards Highschoolers, which is dubious territory they shouldn’t be in.

        Discord seems to try and absolve themselves of responsibility, with this spiel of “Servers in the Hub are student-run, and Hubs are not affiliated with or managed by schools,” but they’re directly pitching Student Hubs towards students and Uni-affiliated student organisations. Recently they advertised student-ambassador positions via third parties in Uni FaceBook groups.

  • Prominent game dev Jennifer Scheurle and Member of IGDA, was accused of severe abuse. The same Jennifer who found it offensive that men had reciepts to disprove the accusations put against them. I wonder if this will be reported on since its become apparent this has been known for a long time but no action was taken because she is one of the cabal. Articles have been written on twitter accusations before. Surely this is a slam dunk

    • Oh and can’t forget the time she falsely accused a dude of being a white supremacist and guilty of vehicular assault of two BLM protestors, Even after people provided direct photographic evidence he wasnt the person. She posted his personal information and pictures of his kids.

      She never apologized for that and went private when he threatened to sue.

      • Bruh… you know how this website is run dude…. they’re not gonna touch that.

        I mean they’re still propping up Hassan to this day as a “force for good” whilst glossing over the fact he basically aimed his fanbase to Liana Kerzner because she made a video why she wasn’t a fan of the Jax ending back when MK hit. The dumpster fire that started was something else (oh and not once did he even try to say don’t harass her or distance himself from that either)

        That being said TAY is pretty much the only neutral/politics free/positive place left here (ok barring the usual bitching about how shite the site update has been =P) please dude do us all a favour and at least try and keep that divisive stuff from TAY? It’s literally the last place around here were I can have a nice discussion with other folks who still visit Kotaku..

    • If you’re going to be all innocent until proven guilty about such things at least be less of a hypocrite about it.

      Using abuse allegations as a way to score cheap political points about alleged bias at Kotaku is entirely on you, and it’s far from the first time either.

  • Well, Potioncraft came out in Early Access today. The demo is gone from Steam, but if you want to try it (and I heartily recommend that you do), it’s still on GOG!

    One of the previous Steam festival entries that I got excited about, coming to life!

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