The Aliens: Fireteam Elite Horde Mode Has A Glitch: Boxes And Corners

The Aliens: Fireteam Elite Horde Mode Has A Glitch: Boxes And Corners
Image: Kotaku Australia

The Aliens: Fireteam Elite glitch won’t be around forever, but if you’re looking to level up fast, corners and boxes are your friend.

The co-op shooter won’t let you run through Horde Mode — with bots or friends — until you finish the main Fireteam Elite campaign. Once the horde mode is unlocked, it’s a great option if you want to level up some of other classes quickly before jumping back into campaign mode at higher difficulties.

And since Fireteam Elite is a stickler on its progression, fans are always going to look for options to make things easier. Fortunately, that solution? Go camp on a box, or in a corner.

Image: Kotaku Australia

The first and easiest trick is to vault over a box near the starting point, one right next to the bright orange ammo refuel. That lets you vault onto a box in the corner of the room, which helpfully has a little lamp in front of it. Those two things are all you need to keep most of the xenos at bay. You’re not invulnerable — spitters can still hit you at range, and some of the larger xenos (mostly crushers) can hit you with a charge — but having that little buffer means you never have to worry about dodging or rolling away from the hundreds of xenos that you’ll start to see at waves 15, 16 and beyond.

Cheesy Horde mode strat I used for Extreme from AliensFireteamElite

It’s a bit of a boring way to grind it out, but it’s an option you can do if you don’t have two human teammates to level up with. User Val0rborn, who posted the above video on the Aliens: Fireteam Elite subreddit, noted it took them an hour and a half just to hit wave 10. (There’s 20 waves in total.)

There’s other spots where the aliens can’t reach you either, although that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t take damage in those areas.

This one, recorded by I Lap The Flash on YouTube, is accessible by vaulting over a wall with a fire barrel. There’s obvious caveats: spitters again, any xenos that might leave acid close enough to your position when killed, or the exploding xenos that can do AOE damage if you kill them when they’re inches away from you. But they still aren’t able to melee your character at this spot, which helps if you’re in desperate need of some levels on your guns and classes.

All the glitches work just as well on console as they do on PC, which is probably the saving grace here — the developers can issue patches on Steam much faster than console, where updates have to go through Sony and Microsoft certification. (Ask The Ascent how fast that process is these days.) That should give everyone enough time to get a few free levels on the guns/classes of your choice. Roll out — and over — Marines.

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